If Albay paid sing and dance talent P350-K, was it good governance?

It is not easy telling the organizers of the just recently concluded Fiesta Tsinoy Chinese Lunar new year celebration last Thursday to stop importing Manila-based so-called entertainers. The locals love to see paid talents sing and gyrate on the stage, and attempt to say a few Bicol words which all the more delight the viewers’ fancy.

Nor it would be cool to tell them on their face now that “that’s what you get for contracting Xian Lim.” The tactless talent virtually slapped the governor when he refused tokens prepared for him because he do not like the t-shirt nor would want to read the coffee table book about the province since he is not about to promote Albay.

Photop: Visiting Manila Vice-Mayor Isko Morena receiving albay passport, token gifts from Gov. Salceda. Photo credit facebook page of guv. Joey.

With a hefty talent fee of P350,000 Albay organizers should have placed on the contract that Lim should receive the gifts with an ear to ear smile and a rehearsed “Mabalos po!” Then, it would be easy for all. No glitches, whatsoever.

It would have saved the governor from posting his “rants” on the social media facebook and twitter with accompanying (hashtag) #iamheretopromotealbay.

And yet, even with the act of “monstrosity” (to quote the governor), Lim fights back, making the governor’s Atty. Carol Sabio-Cruz appear more of a liar than telling the truth.

Albayanos and Bicolanos want to promote Albay. Many really love the warmth of Albay sunshine. Lim just love the warmth of Albay money. He should have been prepared by his handlers including his talent agency, the ABS-CBN on how to be diplomatic and polite (and maybe, demure!) and leave behind arrogance and rudeness in the trunk of his car. After all, he is a paid performer.

Now, a lingering question on our part remain: Why Albay usually “import” Manila-based entertainers for public shows it organizes? The province abound with home grown talents, far good looking and courteous than Xian Lim. The Bicol University system, the Aquinas University and many more colleges in the province and the city of Legazpi are not short of talents, if only to sing and dance.

Isn’t it that the main attraction of Albay and Legazpi is Mt. Mayon and not the transient, paid entertainers?

One defiant netizen was asking if the money paid to Lim came from the coffers of the government, was it practical and legal?


2 thoughts on “If Albay paid sing and dance talent P350-K, was it good governance?”

    1. That’s the point we want to push. Since part of good governance, purchase of services, including hte talent perforrmance of Lim, should have gone the process of bidding and the works. Not because it is the tag price by ABS-CBN talent center, it is already okay for the provincial govt to pay. It will be a different case if a private group contracted the talent. Now Albay has to clear this out for all to know.

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