REPLAY: What say you on SUPER BOWL 2020 Pepsi half time show

Pepsi Super Bowl 54 Half time show
Pepsi Super Bowl 54 Half time show with shakira and JLo

“The Pepsi half time show during the 2020 Super Bowl XIV” showed young girls sexual exploitation of women is Okay.” And many more pros and cons opinion one can come up after done re-watching.

You have got to watch this performance in full if haven’t so.

This is how you get fully entertained, and then some.

But wait, the whole performance was also a statement leaning more on views in favor of illegal and unrestricted immigration.

After the performance, we got to read and learn media coverage in sharp divide in opinion. As usual, social media takes out its double edged narrative.

  • “Pepsi showing young girls that sexual exploitation of women is okay”
  • “Social media uses super bowl Pepsi half time to push racial division”
  • Thanks for the highlight. I finally understood the young girls “were supposed to be in cages”. Referencing the illegal immigrants with their young children breaching the borders of the United States and when caught are separated by US Immigration and Customs officials.
  • Entertaining.
  • Just watch the video and conclude with your own opinion.

BTW, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were the main performers. And then some.


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