Phivolcs sows fear on Bicolanos of earthquake

Phivolcs sows fear on Bicolanos of earthquake.


Saying that Bicol should brace for possible strongest earthquake to strike the region in the future is like sowing fear in the hearts of Bicolanos straight from mouth of the Phivolcs officer.

Director Renato Solidum of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has warned local government officials in Bicol to brace for possible strongest earthquake to strike the region in the future.

Solidum made the warning over Bombo Radio-Legazpi that a magnitude 8 earthquake may occur in Bicol as the Philippine Trench is active and is colliding with the Philippine Sea.

“The Philippine Trench is active and can trigger up to magnitude 8 earthquake in the future. So we need to be ready always,” Solidum said.

The Philippine Trench is the result of the collision of earth plates and is regarded by scientists as the deepest point of the earth.

A few years ago, Solidum warned local officials in a meeting in Bicol to be ready for possible stronger earthquake as the region is sitting on the Philippine Trench.

Solidum said the Philippine Trench can generate up to magnitude 8 quake anytime and may affect Bicol region in the future.

The Philippine Trench, also referred to as the “Philippine Deep”, “Mindanao Trench” and “Mindanao Deep” — stretches with a length of approximately 1,320 km and a width of around about 30 km from the northeast top of Luzon up to the Indonesian Island of Malacca Halmahera. (some portions from PNA report)

Phivols website regulary post update on earthquakes in the Philippines and the world at (some portions from PNA report)

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