Russia pumps adrenaline of Rio2016 Olympic winners with luxury car, money

Hidilyn Diaz, the lone Filipino Olympian silver medalist during the past Rio2016 Olympic Games was thankful enough for representing the country in the sports competition in Brazil.

She was doubly thankful with the P5 million cash prize from the government with an additional P2 million from President Rodrgio Duterte.

But wait, other countries shower winning athletes with more money and gifts they could ever imagine.

The Russian Federation will give away cars and cash prize to its summer Olympic Games medallists.

During an awards ceremony in Moscow, athletes will get the keys to the cars delivered at the Kremlin.

Russia Today reported that gold medallists will each receive an X6 model BMW, silver medallists a X4 model, and bronze medallists an X3 model as announced by the BMW Group of Russia.

Russian Federation Support Fund director Alexander Katushev confirmed that all the BMW units were assembled locally in their country.

As if the luxury cars are not enough to pump up the adrenalin of the winning athletes, a cash prize was also added in their pot of winnings.

Podium athletes will also recieve four million rubles equivalent to US $60,000 for gold, 2.7 million rubbles or US $40,000 for silver, and 1.7 million rubles or US $26,000 for bronze as reported by Interfax.

Russian Federation placed fourth in over all medal standing in the Rio Olympics even as there were athletes compelled to stay home after being banned due to doping.


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