COPY HORSE? US jury says Perry song infringe copyright

Taal volcano island and lake as seen onTagaytay city side.
EYE FILLING: Taal volcano island and lake as seen from the Tagaytay city side. Photo file.

Listen (and watch) to both music below and get entertained.

One is an original and the other was “alleged” to have infringed copyright of the first.

It must be, according to a federal jury in Los Angeles.

The court found that the 2013 hit “Dark Horse” by popular singer Katy Perry infringed copyright of a Christian rap rendition of “Joyful Noise.”

Joyful Noise:

Dark Horse:

Considered too close to the religious music penned by musician Marcus Gray, the Perry song was a hybrid of pop, rap and hip-hop on the 2013 “Prism” album.

The song stayed in the Billboard Hot 100 in 2014 for four weeks.

It also earned Perry a Grammy nomination.

The penalty phase of the case will wrap up to determine the monetary settlement for the infringement.

About the featured photo: Taal island volcano and lake was shown in Katy Perry music video “Roar” (2013) for very few seconds.

The official music video of “Roar” (a single from the album ‘Prism’) released on Vevo.

And while it is worth the watch, don’t take a glimpse away as in these portions at 2:29, 2:39 and 3:56 one familiar about the place can easily identify the background footage showing the Philippine’s Taal island volcano and lake.

Of course, the artist nor the crew of the music production may have not bothered going to Tagaytay city for the shoot. Thru the awesome “magic” of chroma key effect and green screen, the majestic view was embedded into the MTV.

It would be more of a consolation if somewhere, Taal was mentioned. So here, we are giving that recognition for all to know.


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