Bitano Massacre was a grave insult to every Albayano

Another sub-station of the Camarines Sur II electric cooperative, this time in Quipayo, Calabanga town.

smileredunhappyAlbay governor Joey Salceda just called the power blackout that inconvenienced constituents for eight days and eight nights as “Bitano Massacre”. Adding that the hapless occurrence which highlighted the seervice of the Albay Power and Energy Corporation, a creation of the San Miguel Enenergy Corporation, may have made residents firmer and stronger.

To others it may be interpreted as a double and sweet talk, more of adding insult to injury.

There is no official release of information as to how much that blackout may have cost all affected commercial and business establishments in their course of operation during the period of outed electric service. Since so many of them, including residential owners resorted to operating their own power generators many using diesel for fuel, was there a noticeable irritant pollution of sound and air quality somehow?

There is no accolade coming from the provincial chief executive however heartwarming that can ever wipe out that experience of harrowing days and nights with total uncertainty as to when the power will be returned. Resilience and patience is a good trait of the Bicolanos, but it should never be overstretched or it may snap or breakout.

The blackout was brought about by the breakdown of the 35-year-old 20-MVA transformer of the Albay Power and Energy Corp.’s sub-station in Barangay Bitano, Legazpi City, which serves the four power feeders.

Just wondering if any official from the APEC has ever gone on-air and seek public apology for their mishandling of the situation it took more than a week. actually, eight days, to finally get it working.

Salceda said the province will now have higher power-distribution capacity not only at Legazpi City sub-station but also at the Tabaco City sub-station.

Salceda even went to the extent of making a comparison saying “the solution made by APEC was impossible to have been done by Albay Electric Cooperative (Aleco).” A comparison uncalled for, anyway.

And bragging that “the new power capacity of Albay could be the envy of its neighboring province, being more reliable.” Say what?


2 thoughts on “Bitano Massacre was a grave insult to every Albayano”

  1. not 8 days actually it was extended until today thursday. this time we are now off from 6am to 6pm current is served in the evening in estanza and tula tula including neighboring brgy.. anyway we just hope this inconvenience will really be for the betterment of the every legaspenos

  2. Straight from the horse mouth. Who will envy Albay’s power blackout and the turtle-like move of APEC. Delayed solution that was too long for many to wait, Power was disrupted again as confirmed. Would it rather that Gov. Joey just keep his mouth in the pocket, at least for the mean time, even as many newshounds in his turf salivate each time he flexes his jaws?

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