CBSUA Staff and Students Clean-up Calabanga

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. It would seem better to have the area around the commercial center and park of the town devoid of eye sore. Now, the tree needs some trimming.

Colorful and na-ah!!.

We cannot help but raise two thumbs up for that endearing and commendable efforts shared by the educational community of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture in Calabanga.

On August 26th this year, the Technology Department moved its staff, instructors and students, for a fun clean-up drive about the town working hand-in-hand with the local government officials. It was a strong statement that a clean environment is what we need now more than ever.

The endeavor inculcates that learning and being a learned individual do not happen at all times within the confines of the classroom. C

ommunity work and involvement does make a student responsive and widens perception with positive and active participation, however small the contribution maybe. Perhaps, they could be better citizens and leaders of the future than what we have now.

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. Two tumbs up for the staff and students of the CBSUA-Calabanga.
Posters, streamers and litters are out, clean is in!!!.

The disciplined crowd of participants had a briefing at the shade of the Octagon structure fronting the municipal building prior to the activity. The CBSUA-Calabanga is under the helm of administrator Dr. Alden S. Bonot.

The only factor that gave us a s(t)inking feeling was the presence of eyesores about the commercial area of the town. If only big-sized posters are out of our view, the town park may have looked better, fresh and clean.

Again, as we bring two thumbs up for the entire CBSUA-Calabanga, its hands down for posters and banners for littering the town of Mayor Evelyn Yu. Sorry.

Photos by our Tony Abalayan, Jr.


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