Update: Bicol mainland, other areas under massive power blackout


Typhoon “Glenda” left behind with majority of electric cooperatives, power retailers, in the Bicol mainland and other areas powerless, as noted by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

In the NGCP’s 7:00 a.m. update Wednesday, identified these cooperatives as the Eastern Samar Electric Cooperative Inc. (ESAMELCO), Samar Electric Cooperative Inc 1 (SAMELCO 1), Northern Samar Electric Cooperative Inc. (NORSAMELCO), Mactan Electric Company (MECO), Bataan Electric Cooperative Inc (BATELEC), Quezon Electric Cooperative Inc 1 (QUEZELCO 1), APEC, Sorsogon Electric Cooperative Inc. 1 (SORECO 1), Camarines Sur Electric Cooperative Inc. 1 (CASURECO 1), CASURECO 2, CASURECO 3 and CASURECO 4.

Many of the millions of consumers will have to wait for weeks for restoration and normalization of service.

The Leyte-Luzon 350-kV High Voltage Direct Line (HVDC) had disrpted supply connection between the Luzon grid and the central region.

The transmission company noted that the Southern Luzon provinces which were disconnected from the grids are Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Quezon and Bicol.

NGCP stated that the 500-kV lines that were affected are the San Jose-Nagsaag Line, San Jose-Tayabas Line, Dasma-Tayabas Line, Dasma-Ilijan Line and the Nagsaag-Bolo line.

The Bicol region was separated from the grid due to the outage of the Tayabas-Naga 230-kilovolts (kV) line and the Gumaca-Labo 230-kV line.

Other 230-kV facility affected in the Luzon Region as of 11:00 a.m. Wednesday, are the Mexico-Hermosa Line, Hermosa-Limay Line, San Jose-Balintawak Line, Daraga-Bacman Line, Labo-Naga Line, Daraga-Bacman Line, Naga-Tiwi C Line, Naga-Daraga Line, Daraga-Tiwi A Line, Naga-Tayabas Line, Gumaca-Kalayaan Line, Gumaca-Labo Line, Tayabas-Daraga Line, Malaya-Kalayaan Line, San Jose-Malolos Line, Binan-Muntinlupa Line, Binan-Dasma Line, Binan-Bay Line, Calaca-Bacnotan Line, Calaca-Sta. Rosa Line, Calaca-Amadeo Line and the Araneta-Paco Line.

The Dasmarinas-Rosario connection is the sole 115 kV transmission line that was hit.

Further, the 69 kV lines that were badly damaged by the typhoon are the Bay-Calamba; Gumaca-Hongdagua-Tagkawayan, Gumaca-Pitogo-Mulanay, Daraga-Legaspi, Daraga-Sorsogon, Naga-Libmanan, Naga-Lagonoy, Naga-Iriga.

The NGCP also pointed out that the 69 kV lines in Batangas and Sorsogon are down. (PNA)


10 thoughts on “Update: Bicol mainland, other areas under massive power blackout”

  1. Just to reiterate: According to the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines,power will be restored to Bicol Region between 10% to 50% at the earliest by July 19, 2014.

    1. Thank you so much for your update.. so by how it sounds it wont be for another couple of weeks until power is restored in my wife’s area? Do you know if I will be able to send money to family via western union by her place in Lcc Supermarket. I remember when I was ther last year in her area and there was a brownout for 1 week western union was offline? Thank you again for the reply your post are very helpful

      1. There are many factors you have to consider. If there is no power, There will be no communication. Maybe, have to wait for a while. The Department of Energy just released info that partial restoration of power will be on Saturday, July 19, 2014. Will post an update soon.

        1. I have communication with my wife and kids and we have a small generator that i bought when i was out there last december. Thank you so much for all your updates and fast response i would like to personally thank you when i visit caramines sur this december to pick up my wife and kids and finally bring them here to america. I will be in the philippines for 1 month to spend christmas and new years there and would love to take you and your family out to dinner.

  2. So will it be 1 month before there is any power in caramines sur..sta. Lucia Bicol that is were my wife and kids stay? Please let me know who I should contact for an update on when powered will be restored

    1. Service areas of coops with downed electric posts has to be restored first. But supply of electricity will still be dependent on the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), which distributes the power. Let us wait for the update on their side. BTW, Sta Lucia is a barangay of Magarao town.

    2. The latest according to NGCP, power restoration to the Bicol Region only between 10-50 per cent at the earliest by July 19. 2014.

  3. I have not been able to contact my mother and brother since tuesday they are in sagrada buhi camarines sur. are all the networks down as well they are with globe. I am worried but i cant do anything as i am abroad.

    1. Don’t you worry. (Landline) Phone companies lease/use electric coop posts distribution lines, some of which are down to the ground. Telcos that operate mobile service should be back soon. Casureco III which serves Buhi town must be working hard to assess worthiness of facilities in time for the flow of supply from NGCP.

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