Alleged irregularities surround a mall construction in Legazpi city

LEGAZPI CITY, March 2 — Almost halfway through its construction phase, only then that a commercial building rising in the city center here is getting its building permit processed by the city engineering office.

For months, works on the construction of structure attributed to as the Yashano Mall has been ongoing despite the lack of building permit and the necessary Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) which should be exhibited on the construction site before the project breaks ground.

The controversial building under construction is just a stone's throw from Gaisano. File photo, Metro Gaisano, by Bod Adupe.

On the hot seat and in the center of the controversy is the office of the city engineer which is tasked to issue the license following the strict compliance of the Philippine building code to the letter. City engineer Orlando Rebato has been elusive and refers queries on the matter through the office personnel which can not give a better explanation as to the blatant irregularity.

Speaking on the condition of anonimity, a source from the engineering office said there are just so many establishments which secured building and construction permits late or the construction had been completed. A building permit requires payment of certain percentage on the cost and added accomplishments of the project, including surcharges and penalties for the delay in securing permits.

With the uncovering of the irregularity, the mayor and city council are forced to the task of clearing the irregularities.

The proposed Yashano Mall rising on an 8,000 square meters lot, about 200 meters away from Gaisano Mall, is being represented by a certain Jucan Hong who also owns two other Hong commercial buildings in the city.


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