Albay, Our World of Roads in Disrepair

Residents of barangay Salvacion have to walk roads in disrepair, with asphalt washed away by flood and strong rains the past few months, a prevailing situation many times common to areas in the region. The government have yet to apportion budgetary allocations for maintenance. But with the onset of election fever, and a ban on public works looming, elected officials have different agenda on their minds. And soon enough public works will be a business for the new officials, but that’s after May 2010. A long time to wait.

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  1. I am so sorry! Things don’t look good! Hoping they improve quickly!

    Thanks for your comments and visits, always appreciated! I do hold good thoughts for you!


  2. oo nga election kasi kaya pangangampanya muna atupag ng mga nasa power,,, hayyy… sana naman mapagtuunan ng pansin ang mas importante tulad ng roads na to

  3. That is very sad.

    It is very difficult to allocate funds to overcome the damage resulted from natural disasters. This may be story in the entire world.

  4. The road does look like it needs repair, or an all new paving. I think the money is tight everywhere and budgets are being cut.

  5. It is very sad, but that’s how it works, in our politics!

    I hope the concerned public officials, will step up soon.


  6. That is sad and my heart goes out to the people who have to put up with indifferent governments. Reading your story brings home that no matter how bad we may think things are, there is always someone, somehwere, worse off.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments – much appreciated.☺
    Good photo with (apart from the road conditions), the colourful umbrellas and greenery. Perhaps a very clever politician will promise th fix the roads if he gets elected.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

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