Bicol’s Venus Raj 4rth Runner-Up in Miss Universe Contest

Bicolana and Ms. Philippines Maria Venus Raj was heavily applauded after being declared the fourth runner-up in this year’s Miss Universe pageant.

The winners were known at the just concluded prestigious beauty contest Monday, August 23, held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, USA.

Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete was crowned Miss Universe 2010. Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps was named first runner-up. Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell was second runner-up. Miss Ukraine, Anna Poslavska, was third runner-up.

The 22-year old beauty from Bato, Camarines Sur was among the 83 contestants that came from countries around the world.

Earlier on August 4, she planed in from Manila four days ahead of schedule and joined few others hand-picked participants to promote the beauty pageant.

Venus graduated from the Bicol University college of arts and letters in Legazpi city. A consistent honor student and finished cum laude in journalism.

It is sad that while Bicol and the Philippines celebrate the win of Venus in the beauty pageant, there is also a strong reason to mourn with the demise of Melody Gersbach, another Bicolana beauty search winner of Ms. Philippines International. Melody encouraged Venus to join the Miss Philippines 2010 search. She even helped train Raj.

Bicolana is Miss Philippines-Universe 2010 winner.


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