Cbanga360- The Bicol Street Journal Mobile Friendly, More Sociable and on the Cloud

Cbanga360- The Bicol Street Journal Mobile Friendly, More Sociable and on the Cloud. Very Secure, Too.

As of today, Cbanga360-The Bicol Street Journal tested very OKAY and fully functional on its mobile site. The humble endeavor at chronicling Bicol and nat(ional) gov(ernment) at 360 fashion expands its presence on the mobile landscape. This means readers, followers, friends and casual visitors can check on the contents whenever and where ever they maybe with their cellphones. The mobile site was tested functional on various mobilephones including Google mobile-friendly test.

We promptly embarked on the project when one of our staff’s brother complained that he could no longer check posts and updates using his cellphone. We checked it out and indeed it is quite an effort surfing the site and displays the desktop appearance worthy only for notebook or desktop display but cramped and awkward on the cellphone. The mobile phone was tasked more than it can accept and just rejects the request. Now, the mobile content feels sleek and easy to navigate on mobile mode.

The admin also added additional flexible enhancements.

More social networking tools/ links are added to enhance conversation, discussion and sharing.

One can easily react and submit comment on an article using either Facebook, Twitter or WordPress. This means that a reader logged on his Twitter or WordPress or Facebook and redirected from the Facebook page of Cbanga360 will land on the article of interest and drop a comment. This is the full answer to the observation raised by Eden A. Avila that readers are intimidated at having to supply their name and email address if ever they are in the mood to react. Some things are becoming easier everyday.

Or, readers can simply react and drop comment directly on the Facebook page of Cbanga360. In that way, the comment will get fetched from there to the actual comment page of the website. Isn’t that cool, enough!

The last enhancement here which takes off a lot of weight on the server-side is that our images are now served from the “cloud.” To the reader, the effect will be faster loading of images. This will not keep us from totally serving also the content directly from the cloud which all the more make page and content load fast. That should come sometime if not soon.


This page was updated to include a Google test result on mobile-friendliness with an additional note on security.


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  1. Additional info on browsing cbanga360 using operating systems of Google Android, Apple IOS, Nokia’s Symbian, RIM’s Blackberry OS, Samsung’s Bada, Microsoft Windows phone, Hewlett-Packard’s webOS, etc. On the browser, after the full site appears, scroll on the bottom of the site, both in mid and right sides, there are links showing view and mobilesite which when pressed, will redirect reader to the mobile site. To return to the full site, scroll at the bottom of each article or page as an option-link view full site is clickable.

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