I’m A Newbie

I know this blog is read only by me and a couple of friends I have told about.

The only time a handful of readers come and read would be on Thursdays and Fridays when we (we’re a team) would share and post a link to Skywatch Friday, and occasionally on Today’s Flowers and Watery Wednesday memes. But I don’t do that much too often. I’m a newbie, and have posted just a few since I started early August of 2009.

Even if I have scoured all the links of bloggers listed on the Skywatch Friday meme and dropped comments, still not too many would visit back. At one time I visited over one hundred fifty blogs which took me hours sitting by myself and staring at the screen, reading-learning and be mesmerized of the amazing photos and typing comments quick and fast. In that order.

Forgive me for assuming, but there could be a lot of bloggers participating on Memes that visit other’s site and not too many really read the post and write a lengthy comment. It is understandable, also, because blogs that have photo themes are more focused on the sights, scenes and impressions of things and places. And correct me if I’m wrong to, again, assume, that blog visits are kind of a race- visit lots of sites and drop comments, and then expect that the action will be reciprocated. Caution though, don’t expect too much. That’s one lesson learned.

One Meme day, I read this blogger who has written he received a comment not related to his photo. That’s why when making a comment, I would read twice and sometimes really absorb the photo and text before hitting that button. Still, I do misspell words sometimes.

At one time, to prove my personal observation, I logged in on a Meme and visited only a few blogs. Five reciprocated my visit and only two readers whose blog I didn’t visit dropped a comment. I was happy. They found me!

2 thoughts on “I’m A Newbie”

  1. One of the challenges of blogging, I think, is in balancing your own interests and purposes with those of your readers.

    It can be very frustrating when a lot of people drop by because of a meme and then vanish – but it’s a bit like site-seeing . . . people take a quick peep and dash off . . . but, if they like the place, they may come back another time.

    And, of course, many will leave comments simply so you come and take a look at their blog. This may seem self-serving . . . but that may be your own route to finding some very interesting people / places / photos.

    Bloggers seem to cluster a bit and each cluster of bloggers seems to take on a character. Some clusters enjoy each other’s company . . . end up chatting about their lives. Others show a photo and don’t mind what people say about it as long as lots of people come!

    My sense is that your purpose is to let the world know about the place you live. It may be hard to attract large numbers of regular readers to something like this but that doesn’t make what you are doing any the less important. It can become a historical and geographical record. Students may be able to refer to it. They may be few but, if the information is accurate and informative – they may value enormously what they can learn from it.

    So . . . don’t be discouraged! I suggest you decide what you want and stick to it, develop it, be true to it; make sure it is something you would be pleased with if no-one else ever looked at it – ever!

    After all, you don’t have to stick to one blog. You can have a serious one and a more popularist one where people flit in and out in droves depending on the memes you and they have joined. Why not?

    Hope some of these comments may have been of help and encouragement.


  2. Dear

    In fact, I> have a blog and many peoples from my homecountry read…But…they read my blog, look to the photos and say me, only:


    And I was very sad with that…and decided to change the way..and went to 2 groups: FLOWERS FROM TODAY AND SKYWATCH FRIDAY.

    And I thought that and the first group they gave me necouragement…and I started to photography with passion..more passion than before…

    But the readers visit me only when I post at FT..do u know?

    But…I continued unhappy and without energy…WHY?Because I live in a country where the official language its swedish and write in english and portuguese was being stressed to me…

    So..I created a domain and there, I will show Sweden…in photos…and my older blog it will be moreless…space for to post the photos of the clients…

    bUT AT SKYWATCHFRIDAY…I knew many photographers…too…and they help me so much…

    So..to my job, photography, the blogs have help me so much…

    But I show my photos at facebook, twitter, flickr and I cant wait that the readers visit me…I feel so good..visit them today, tomorrow and sunday…(Sky and Flowers)..and the others groups, I cant participate…I have no time…
    The other days, I study and write at my private blog.


    U can believe of yourself. And u can find it the best way for u.but, dont forget that:


    Have a nice day, dear

    and dont stop your dream…only u can realyze…

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