Let Us Observe Restraint and Discipline During the New Year Celebrations

Greeting the new year with fireworks and festivities.

Discipline and restraint should be the keywords for tonight’s celebration and merriment of the 2011 new year welcome parties.

The PH department of health (DOH) encourages everyone to use the inexpensive way of creating “noise” through pots and pans, instead!!!

But while majority can not be prevailed, the DOH and the national police have banned the use of some firecrackers such as super lolo, bawang, goodbye Philippines, lolo thunder and others deemed dangerous, life threatening or more, including watusi and piccolo.

Below are suggested precautionary measures to observe on tonight’s revelry:

* It is best practice when lighting fireworks by keeping them at arm’s length. Better yet, use an extended stick to light a firecracker.

* Never attempt to approach a lit “fountain” to check if it’s working or dud. It could explode on your hands or in your face.

* Don’t handle firecrackers when drunk as one’s mental faculties are not alert. Or, prevent intoxicated friends from lighting firecrackers.

* Prevail children to stay far from fireworks, even “luces” or sparklers.

Just in case you still plan to buy some firecrackers, choose one with 2 available wicks. It’s a good assurance that if ever one fails, the second can be lit instead.

To recap, let us end the year 2010 and greet 2011 with a bang and yet safe and with a smile. Be safe always.



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