Nora Aunor to get ceremonial accolade as adopted daughter, ruffle feathers of Naga City folks

NAGA CITY, March 21 — Seen lately on nationwide television was the diminutive superstar Nora Aunor herself marching hand in hand with a crowd of like minded people. Later the Bicolana who used to be from Iriga city, delivered her address. She calls for President Benigno S. Aquino III to quit his post and leave Malacanang.

Based on the latest survey conducted by Pulse Asia, only four out of 10 Filipinos still believe the president and should stay in the palace. The continuing decline of Aquino’s popularity was further eroded with the aftermath of the Philippine National Police’s SAF44 massacre. Aquino’s popularity was also peltered by the botched up handling of the Manila hostage incident of Chinese tourists and the rescue, relief and rehabilitation of Typhoon Yolanda victims. Three of many factors that will define his presidential dysfunction long after he is out of office.

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During the rally with Filipino migrants Nora lamented, “Hindi na natin kailangan pa ang maraming biktima ng pangangalakal, pang-aalipin at pagsasamantala. Hindi na natin kailangan ng mga pamilyang naulila’t nagdurusa para sabihin sa ating mga sarili: “Tama na, sobra na! Noynoy, resign na!” Kailangan na natin ng tunay na pagbabago sa lipunang ito. Noynoy, papet, pahirap at pahamak sa migranteng Pilipino at pamilya! Nakabubuhay na sahod sa Pinas, hindi trabaho sa labas! Serbisyo, hindi negosyo! Proteksyon, hindi koleksyon! Labor export policy, ibasura! Tama na, sobra na! Noynoy, resign na! Umalis ka na diyan! Ito po ang gusto ko at gusto nating lahat.”

Anyway, that latest excursion of Nora on the public street may have ruffled the feathers of a few of Naga folks including but not limited to those who are in the city hall. Nora is about to be bestowed as adopted daughter of Naga City in ceremonies that will be held on the 28th 27th of this month. Naga is a stronghold of the Liberal Party, which is Aquino’s party, too.

Does Nora have the right to voice her political opinion for or against anyone? Yes, she has the right to clamor for change. Anyone can as long as it is peaceful and within the bounds of the law. Even if what one clamors falls on deaf ears.

Quick recall brings us back to that fateful February 22, 1986, when highly charismatic Jaime Cardinal Sin appealed on Radio Veritas, and subsequently echoed on public TV, calling all the people to go and mass in EDSA to finally deflect the authoritarian government of President Ferdinand Marcos. Before 10:00 o’clock PM, the area fronting the main gate of Camp Aguinaldo had started to host a small crowd. And who do you expect one will see on that particular night. Yes, Nora Aunor was there. The diminutive Bicolana clad in jeans was accompanied by a handfull of friends towing with them packed food at the gates of Camp Aguinaldo. She was there, much earlier than Jim Paredes of the Apo Hiking Soicety fame, followed the distress appeal of the cardinal. It was the first hour of day 1, which actually began at night, of the EDSA revolution.

Can’t we not say that indirectly Nora helped the fight of Cory Aquino that time? That the people’s strength accorded Cory the legacy of the presidency which was exploited during the run up for the 2010 election and put to office his son now in Malacanang? Quoting Oscar Quiambao, ” … when our expectations and aspirations are not met with achievements, it is our every right to go on streets and on-line to air our grievances,” which Nora did. Nora’s expectations for a total change in government began that night. Do we see substantial change?

It is ironic that politicians toe the line of their party for political expediency and survival.


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