What President Duterte Wants for Christmas from the USA, European Union and the UN?

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This Christmas don’t be a Grinch. Better yet, enjoy watching the movie but never becoming one that irritate the celebrants during the season of joy and gift-giving. The Philippines have had more than enough share received of gifts and goodwill from other countries in time of needs and calamities.

smileredunhappyWhat President Duterte Wants for Christmas from the USA, European Union and the UN?

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been busy and very generous, using his colorful loud mouth, at dispensing felicitations to the leaders and organizations of the world community.

But instead of gaining more respect and stature, what he has been blubbering are brickbats that are counter productive and not pleasing to the ears.

On Thursday Duterte lashed out at a United Nations official for asking the Philippine judicial authorities to formally investigate the President after admitting that he killed criminals while still the Davao City mayor.

“I think there is one United Nations official, human rights. He said Duterte is a murderer and should be charged for murder. I said, this guy is either a joker or maybe crazy,” President Duterte said.

Duterte was referring to UN Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein who said President Duterte’s actions violated the Philippine constitution and international law.

Al Hussein is a prince of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and a career diplomat who played a key role in the creation of the International Criminal Court, which investigates genocide and crimes against humanity.

DU30 made the reaction in front of over 1,000 mothers led by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Pampanga Governor Baby Pineda at the Convergence of Nanay (Mother) Volunteers as Community Drugwatch program in Angeles City, Pampanga.

He reminded the UN official that the country, being one of UN member states, has contribution to the UN and in effect, pays salaries of the international body’s officials.

Mr. Duterte was referring to the annual regular assessment on the Philippines of $4,108,746 which was recieved March 11, 2016, way beyond the due date period of February 7, 2016 as specified in the UN financial regulation.

“The problem with the United Nations, you guys, you are employed by an organ composed of nations. Those officials are elected by the people. We pay you your salaries. You idiot, do not tell me what to do. I am your employer, and do not do it to a nation,” Duterte said.

Last Monday, President Duterte admitted that he killed at least three criminals while roaming Davao City alone on a motorcycle to encourage the city policemen to pursue relentless campaign against illegal drugs and criminality.

Al-Hussein reportedly said President Duterte might be charged for committing incitement to violence.

“Who gave you the right to be…You lacked international law. I’m paying for your salaries. Do not speak as if we are your employees. I am a member state, a sovereign state. Do not do that,” Duterte said.

“You there in the United Nations. You do not know diplomacy (sic). You do not know how to behave, to be an employee of the United Nations,” he added.[Editor’s Note: While this angry statement was uttered by Duterte, his assumption is totally false.]

President Duterte said only the Filipinos can scold him if he is not doing his job.

Al-Hussein is the second official who openly questioned the Philippines’ anti-illegal drugs campaign.

Recently, UN Rapporteur on Extra Judicial Killings Agnes Callamard has expressed deep concerns on the rising number of unexplained killings amid the government’s anti-illegal campaign.

President Duterte has invited Callamard to visit the Philippines and challenged her to engage him in a public debate so that the President can explain why he has to wage a massive campaign against illegal drugs.

Callamard has rejected the conditions and instead gave her own counterproposal to hold private debriefing with President Duterte before holding a joint press conference.

Since the Duterte administration started its campaign against illegal drugs, dead body count has reached more than 2,500 of drug pushers and users in police operations and over 4,000 unexplained, extra judicial killings involving street vigilantes.

So what do President Digong want for Christmas and beyond 2016 from the United States of America. the United Nations and the European Union?

We have to go back and check out what these three favorite recievers of DU30s foul-mouthed invectives have done for the country.

During the disastrous Super Typhoon Yolanda in 2013 where over 6,000 lives were lost and 1,472,251 families were in distress way beyond the local and national government can handle, help came from the United Nations. The total aid received by the country for Yolanda survivors amounted to $865,151,866 or P41.8 billion.

Among the international community of nations, the government of United Kingdom, a member state of the Eurropean Union, delivered $57,558,810 (P2.8 billion). Other countries and organizations affiliated with the EU also offered donations.

Donations from EU member-states and the EU Commission amounted to $130,493,521 (P6.3 billion) – 11% of the total foreign aid received by the Philippines in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda.

The United States, whom Duterte has fixated his gaze at President Obama and professed his “hate” so much, donated $90,585,530 (P4.4 billion) while other UN agencies gave $10,508,604 (P507.6 million), which comprised 10.5% and 8.3% of the total foreign aid respectively.

In total, UN, EU, and US donations in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda reached $231,587,655 (P11.19 billion) or 26.77% of the total foreign aid received by the Philippines.

In contrast, Duterte’s bossom friend in China and Russia also helped somehow. Donation from China topped $2,699,743 (P130 million) and $5,738,871 (P277 million) from Russia for Yolanda survivors.

It is enough to mention here that financial and material aids from the USA, the European Union and the United Nations do not stop after the Yolanda aftermath. Even previous calamities before and after the super typhoon, the country has been in the receiving end of western aid and generosity not to mention other assistance not only during calamities.

So, what more would President Duterte want for Christmas and beyond 2016 from the United States of America, the European Union and the United Nations?

H/T: PNA, Rappler, Netflix








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