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Wow Netizens react to Jollibee valentine series with mixed emotions

12 Feb , 2017  

As the Jolliibee Valentine marketing series invade the fancy of netizens and become viral, it also brought in various reactions. These reactions swarm into various social network sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Down below we share selected reactions that range from funny and otherwise. A Youtube user posted a video reaction taking down […]

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Jollibee Valentine marketing video series catch fancy of netizens

12 Feb , 2017  

Jollibee launched these marketing videos that caught the fancy of viewers and bit into the hype of the strategy. Now an instant hit, the viral Valentine video series is the talk of netizens this side of the world wide web. Now watch the video and then tell us your candid reaction. Crush: Date Vow ATPV […]