BANNED: Will ISIS brides be allowed to return home?

ISIS brides
These ISIS brides. and many more, wants to come home: Left, Shamima Begum and Hoda Muthana, right.

Really. That is the pressing question hounding countries whose citizens joined the violent, murderous, militant group that engaged troops in the war torn parts of Syria for years.

And now, they want to return and recover their normal lives.

The so-called idealists, young women who left their adopted countries and flew to Syria to join the wrong cause. In the process, they were matched to Muslim fighters and become wives. Many have mothered kids of ISIS militants.

One bride from the United Kingdom wanting to come back faced backlash and rejection. She is young Shamima Begum, who have had three kids. Her last surviving child was reported recently to have died.

Begum, whose parents hailed from Bangladesh, cannot wrangle the legal system of the UK. Her plea to return and re-acquire British citizenship had been denied.

This was confirmed when Begum, now at the detention/refugee camp in Syria herself was shown a copy of a letter from the British Home Secretary Sajid Ravid on the revocation of her citizenship.

Meanwhile, an American citizen who is hoping to have a different outcome on her case is not an isolated one.

She is Hoda Muthana who have had not one, but two ISIS militant partners in the warzone. She took one partner at a time and got left behind with one child.

And there are thousands more of ISIS wives and kids that are held in camps, waiting.


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