France leads Europe, the world in fight against supermarket food waste


Do you know what local supermarkets do when fruits, vegetable, meat and many perishable items near its expiration date?

When fresh and just off from its packing crates, these same food items are marked up that many can not buy enough because of the expensive price tacked on them. But what happen when the same high priced food items expire?

In Europe, France is leading the way in fighting global food waste in the continent.

In fact, it is also the first European Union member that ban supermarkets from throwing away or destroying unsold food items.

It now requires large supermarket chains to give away food that was not sold but also about to expire soon.

The French senate passed the law so that large stores will no longer keep on bins for destruction later but forcing them to donate to charities and food banks.

The law is the light at the end of the tunnel for food banks that will keep them busy with their humanitarian work, and will add food to the table, nourish underpriviledged and needy people.

Before the law, common practice of stores include keeping the unsold, soon to expire food, in bins and wait for it to expire, before disposal so people foraging in supermarket bins will have no use for it.

While we are sharing foreign-made documentaries about supermarket waste, the practice and principle holds true of local supermarkets here in the Philippines.

Have you ever heard of any supermarket in the country giving away soon to expire foods for free?

If you know one, add your observation on the comments below, so we can recognize their simple, commendable humane concern.


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