Duterte’s “Labor” man wants to change name of department


DAVAO CITY — What’s in a name of an old government department or agency?

Rody Duterte’s incoming labor secretary, Silvestre Bello III, is into deep thoughts of renaming the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Bello told reporters in a Davao City press briefing he is suggesting for the department to probaly be renamed Department of Labor and Management or Department of Labor and Employer.

He stressed that the labor deparment under President-elect Duterte will focus also on management adding “let us give comfort for the employers.”

During the 2016 presidential campaigns, candidate Duterte promised to work on ending the practice of labor contractualization.

Contractual laborers and employees react to the plan with a simple grain of thought that it is more important if the new administration will focus in the implementation of dismantling contractualization rather than renaming DOLE and giving it the teeth to punish wayward employers.

  • Duterte’s “Labor” man wants to change name of department


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