Canadian, Filipina wife face charges for ‘bitbit bala’ in Dumaguete


Dumaguete City — The Philippine National Police (PNP) Aviation Security Command (AVSECOM) has filed a formal complaint against a Canadian national and his Filipina wife for allegedly bringing in a live bullet inside their baggage at the Dumaguete airport on their way to Cebu last week.

Local AVSECOM head Police Insp. Melvin Atacador said the complaint was filed before the provincial prosecutor’s office Wednesday.

Earlier on January 7, personnel of the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) had found in the luggage of the couple a bullet for Cal. 22 Magnum revolver after being scanned through the X-ray machine.

Canadian Dale Elder alleged and insinuated that supposed live round was planted against him and his wife, Nelly Graffe.

This developed as OTS and AVSECOM personnel are doubling efforts to prevent entry of guns and other devices inside the airport that are in violation of the Commission on Elections gun ban.

Aside from liquids, bullets or amulets, Atacador has advised plane passengers to refrain from bringing in gaffs locally known as “bulang” or “tare” for fighting cock lovers.

It must be recalled that ‘laglag tanim bala’ (bullet planting) became controversial during the past year. (PNA)

Viewed from runway the terminal building of Dumaguete Airport in Sibulan, Negros Oriental. Photo credit: Mike Gonzalez


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