Mayon disaster tourism has positive side


Even with the impending eruption of Mayon volcano, there are tell tale signs that disaster tourism has positive economic benefits to the province of Albay and Legazpi city.

The national government thru its various national agencies are pouring millions of pesos as ready funds to finance expenditures and purchases of food, supplies and health necessity items, The province, too, has its quick response fund being used for the same purpose.

These funds make cash flow in the province noticeable when compared with the daily expenditures during non-emergency (normal) days.

The province hase employed 378 registered nurses who would be paid P600 a day for work in the evacuation centers.

Commercial flights are always full to and from Legazpi City even as pilots were advised not to fly directly above Mayon. Flights bring tourists which arrivals increased by 80 percent since Mayon break into the news of its restiveness.

The continuous arrival of tourists make hotel occupancy in Albay and nearby areas fully booked.

Meanwhile, on Saturday the state agency on volcanology (Phivolcs) said the lava dome that had formed at the crater of the volcano is 45 meters high, or as tall as a 12-story building. The September 27 monitoring result showed magma is moving near the crater.

The agency added that 11 volcanic quakes and four rock fall events were recorded as Mayon volcano continue spewing sulfur dioxide at 680 tons per day.


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