Three abused Pinoy ‘gimmick’ self-serving call names used by media networks

smileredunhappyKapamilya. Kapuso. Kapatid. Three abused ‘gimmick’ played on Pinoys but self-serving call names used by media networks. Just for the fun of it, we checked out the Wikipedia, and here’s what we found.

Kapamilya. In the context of human society, a group of people affiliated by consaguinity, affinity or co-residence. Members of the immediate family includes spouses, parents, brothers, sisters, sons and/or daughters. Members of the extended family may include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, and/or siblings-in-law.


Kapuso – Also significant other (SO), is colloquially used as a gender-neutral term for a person’s partner in an intimate relationship without disclosing or presuming anything about marital status, relationship status, or sexual orientation. Synonyms with similar properties include sweetheart, better half, spouse, domestic partner, lover, soulmate, or life partner.


Kapatid – The term brother comes from the Proto-Indo-European *b?réh2ter, which becomes Latin frater, of the same meaning. Sibling warmth, or sibling affect between male siblings has been correlated to some more negative effects. In pairs of brothers higher sibling warmth is related to more risk taking behaviour although risk taking behaviour is not related to sibling warmth in any other type of sibling pair.


The term sister comes from Old Norse systir which itself derives from Proto-Germanic *swester, both of whom have the same meaning, i.e. sister. Some studies have found that sisters display more traits indicating jealousy around their siblings than their male counterparts, brothers. In some cultures, sisters are afforded a role of being under the protection by male siblings, especially older brothers from issues ranging from bullies or sexual advances by womanizers.

Brushing aside the information obtained, and referred above, check which local networks are really half hearted and do not necessarily adhere to, and practice the real meaning of the word.

Which network(s) do not heed to opinion of viewers. They just keep on producing trash programs with the ultimate goal and objective of profit so they can walk to their hefty bank accounts and nothing more.

We were informed that in the US of A, programs that are unpopular and non receptive are killed even if advance episodes are in the can already.


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