In your dreams: DFA promises to solve passport production backlog

smileredunhappyThe Department of Foreign Affairs again is making a horrible promise to solve the backlog in passport production from 15 to 20 days. Quite unbelievable. For their “official” pronouncement do not reflect the true situation on the “ground.”

An overseas friend of mine just confirmed the opposite.

The passport application windows of the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles, USA.

On May 30, 2015, he applied for passport renewal at the Philippine Consulate located at Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, USA.

Renewing a passport, he had to take a leave of absence just to be at the consulate before rush hour. The process also included a biometric overseas registration for the Comelec. After paying for the renewal fee, a confirmation receipt was issued that the new passport should be ready by July 30, 2015, or exactly 2 months from date of renewal application.


Making an allowance, he went back to the consulate on July 31st. The releasing officer quickly dismissed claimants for the day as there was no passport on hand. He was told that the travel document should be ready for two to three weeks more. The lady DFA personnel then was holding a pad with a long list of frustrated claimants for the day. My friend’s name was listed next including his cell phone number promising that she (DFA) would call once the passport is ready.

As we post this note today, August 14, 2015 or 16 days after our friend’s visit to the consulate, there is no advise yet as to when the passport would be available.

Yeah, passport production will be fast tracked! In your dreams, DFA.


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