Is VP Binay the first presidential candidate to visit Camotes Islands in history?

Is VP Binay the first presidential candidate to visit Camotes Islands in history?

smileredunhappyIt is normal, in fact a standard, for candidates to scour the country from urban to rural to the most remote and hard to reach areas during election campaign. Most of the times, it is the first and last opportunity of the candidate’s visit of the locality after the election. Then its people are forgotten, if not completely.

But here comes Senator Nancy Binay, posting on Twitter a campaign photo of Vice-President Jejomar Binay captioned “1st pres candidate to visit Camotes Island history #onlyBinay” which is quite intriguing, and if true, also hurts. All those past elections, not one presidential candidate ever personally sought the votes of the rural folks in the islands?

[flexiblemap address=”Camotes Islands, Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines” region=”ph” directions=”true” width=”100%” height=”250px” zoom=”10″ ]

Camotes is a group of islands in the Camotes Sea, east of Cebu, southwest of Leyte, and north of Bohol. It is 34 nautical miles (63 km; 39 mi) from Cebu City and is part of Cebu province. The group of 4 clustered islands has a total population in 2010 census of 92,278 within four municipalities.

Sometimes known as the “Lost Horizon of the south”, Camotes has seen increased visitors and tourism with a growing expat community. Apart from natural attractions on land, there is also a score of dive sites around the islands. Pacijan island boast of its Lake Danao, the largest in Cebu. The islands of Ponson, Poro and Pacihan were declared Mangrove swamp forest reserves by the government already.


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