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Palace drops “His Excellency” in addressing President Duterte

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First Published         21 Jul , 2016      1:21 pm      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

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New palace occupant, new rules in the house.

Here’s something worth knowing. Today it was known that Malacanang directed all heads of departments, bureaus and other government offices to stop addressing President Rodrigo Roa Duterte as “His Excellency” and the Cabinet secretaries as “Honorable” in official communications.

The memo was in keeping with the president’s populist style, signed earlier in July 16 by Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea.

So now all members of the Cabinet, in regards to official communications submitted to the Office of the President, will be addressed as Secretary and altogether dropping the term “Honorable.”

And yet, within department agencies, the heads of offices will maintain to be addressed as “Honorable” if only on internal communications and documents.

It remains to be seen who among the president’s men and women will get the reprimand for not following the strict directive.

First Published         21 Jul , 2016      1:21 pm      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


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