PDOH totally supports fire cracker ‘ban’ as injury rise on New Year

PDOH totally supports fire cracker ‘ban’ as injury rise on New Year


The reported count of fireworks-related injury is seen to rise as we wake up new year’s day.

The number of injuries attributed to fireworks on the eve of new year now at 185 and rising, with majority of vctims involve childrren less that 14 years old.

The illegal piccolo is traced as contributor in majority of injuries.

Majority of the cases were in metro Manila with a total of 85 cases, followed by Bicol region with 31 cases and Davao region and CALABARZON with 15 cases each.

But new year revelry injuries are not only caused by fireworks mishaps. An early report says that a stray bullet incident occurred already.

The first reported case of stray bullet incident involving nine-year-old Lorena Cruz in Norzagaray, Bulacan was removed from the list of stray bullet cases after police investigations revealed that the death of the child was caused by accidental firing allegedly by her own brother.

The Philippine Department of Health (PDOH) warns the public or those intending to use firecrackers in their desire for merry-making to think and consider the painful consequences.

The PDOH is totally supporting the anti-firecrackers campaign because of its damaging effects on lives, especially among children who may bear the pain of life-long consequences such as disabilities, reduction of productivity and low self-esteem. (with PNA reports)


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