Bicolanos ready to abandon small independent stores in favor of malls

Bicolanos are now so ready to abandon small independent stores in its prime cities in exchange for in-mall stores or stands.

As Metro Manila-based giant mall operators continue the incursion outside their comfort zones, and into provincial cities and big towns, independent small non-networked stores which used to be stable and viable in their commercial and business operations are slowly being edged out and pushed into eventual brink of closing shop anytime onward.

They will be missed mostly by Baby Boomers, perhaps by some Millenials (or Generation Y, those born in early 1980’s up until early 1990’s) but never by the new Generation X’ers.

So here, we find folks in Legazpi City getting the ‘high’ in expectation with the groundbreaking ceremony last week of Wednesday for the SM super mall.

The event was witnessed by local officials headed by Governor Al Francis Bichara, Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal, Bishop Joel Baylon and SM super mall Legazpi president Annie Garcia.

The branch in the capital of Albay will rise on the 5.28 hectare-lot owned by the city government, in the well-appointed location of the central business district.

The three-storey structure is geared to open on the second quarter of 2018. It will have stores, six cinemas and multi-level parking area.

City mayor Noel Rosal is optimistic that the mall operation will create employment opportunities for residents.

Legazpi is now host to LCC-Ayala mall, LCC mall, Metro Pacfic Gaisano mall, Embarcadero, Yashano, 101 Mall and Gregorian mall.

Mall operations in the country is a lucrative opportunity for owners but never for employees which mostly end-up with temporary contractual employment that never last beyond six months.

H/T- Photo facebook page of Mayor Noel Rosal


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