Watch: How to poke holes on plastic container quick and easy

Watch our short video on how to poke (or punch or bore) holes quick and easy on small plastic containers posted on our YouTube channel.

The short movie is an integral part of our upcoming project on sprouting mongo beans with a twist.

Boring holes on the bottom of plastic container is easy. Watch how we demonstrate and confirm how quick and easy the simple task was done.

After over three years, we revisit the sprouting project and decided to make another episode. The documentation of the project will be published later.

Just a quick note and quick recall here, that video on sprouting is the most watched post in our youtube channel now on its way to 97K views. It also brought our channel with the most amount of watched hours, up to this posting since it was first published.

Meanwhile, watch the video on our official YouTube channel on this link: HERE.

OR, Watch it below:

[Video file fact: of “How to punch, poke holes on small plastic containers quick and easy”
Video: Streams (dependent on the viewer internet connection and gadget capability, look Ma, it’s great to watch on TV!) at 1920 x 1080 at 22,000 kbits/Sec in 29.97 frames/sec
Audio: MPEG4 at 16 bits @ 48 KHZ
Duration: 1 min 59.28 secs
Total Number of frames: 3,574.82 frames
Total file size: 166,911 KB]


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