Quezon City tax collection hits P7.8 billion in Q1 2015

QUEZON CITY, 13 — The Quezon City government reports that it has succeeded in collecting P7,790,612,896 or more than 50 percent of its 2015 budget of P14,462,362,000 during the first three months of this year. This represents an improvement of PhP 609.377 million over the 2014 revenue collection performance for the first quarter according to a news release posted on their website.


The QC Information Technology Office reports an increased number of business taxpayers who opted to pay their annual obligations in full, rather than just settle those due on the first quarter.

The biggest contributor were business taxes, which reached PhP 3.456 billion or PhP 440.770 million more than those collected in Q1 2014. Real property tax collections likewise increased to PhP 1.753 billion, or PhP 61.822 million higher than Q1 2014 collections. PhP 505.562 million of the RPT represents the barangay share, while P1.247 billion is the city share.

The tax take from idle lands decreased by P2.113 million indicating an increasing tendency among property owners to maximize use of their land and make these productive. (PIA)

Quezon City has a population of 2,761,720 as of 2010 count, spread over a land area of 171.71 km2 (66.30 sq mi), obviously overpopulated and pockmarked with informal settlers.

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