This Russian subway train is what we need during the holidays

How would you like to travel on a train in style during the yuletide season?

This Russian subway train knows what the holidays is all about. This is what Pinoys need now and beyond.

See how the approaching train promises excitement and holiday cheers for the would-be passenger. It almost imparts a very ‘welcoming” ambiance as it stops and opens the door for incoming passengers..

So common, lets get on aboard the Moscow subway bedecked with holiday ornaments which is just the right thing to carry the upbeat mood for the season.

Thankfully, this guy shared this beautiful video for us to experience, somehow.

Compare that to the existing ramshackle train facilities in Metro Manila and what do you feel.

You get nauseated and suffocated just imagining the rush of people barging into the train door if only to get the “sardine-space-like” accomodation inside.

Oh well, the guy who posted the video said, “Moscow… Subway… class!! Moscow subway.. Great.”

So how would the passengers in Metro Manila complement the LRT and MRT ride?

Your comment is as good as mine.

Enjoy the train ride below:


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