Senate Will Pass the Bill Creating the New Bicol Province of Nueva Camarines, Decapitating Camarines Sur Today?


Many of us are up and about busy of things mundane other than politics after the tiring electoral exercise just concluded last month. But guess what, the move to split the province of Camarines Sur into two is not resting in the dust bin.

In fact, the spirit behind the move for a provincial partition is alive in the august halls of the Philippine Senate.

The original proposal in the creation of the new province to be named Nueva Camarines under House Bill 4820 was the merger of CamSur’s 4rth and 5th district. But eventually, it was watered down to become a midget version which will only encompass the towns of the Partido district.

The said district is where former matinee idol Aga Muhlach ran strong for a congressional seat but haplessly and unfortunately, did not survive the onslaught of the centennial-old fiefdom of the political dynasty of the Fuentebellas.

The flicker of hope to the realization of partition rested in the hands of Senator Ferdinand Marcos.

Earlier before election, the Ilocano lawmaker as chairman of the Senate committee in local government filed the committee report borne out of the compromise.

Even the feisty Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, also supported the birth of Nueva Camarines. She is the chairperson of the committee on constitutional amendments and revision of codes and laws.

The Senate meets for its last sessions today and tomorrow for deliberation of bills that are almost sure to get approval. The Nueva Camarines bill is on the priority list for the first day.

The fourth or Partido district has a population of 398,375, include the towns of (1) Goa, (2) Tinambac, (3) Siruma, (4) Lagonoy, (5) Garchitorena, (6) Caramoan, (7) Presentacion, (8) San Jose, (9) Tigaon, and (10) Sangay.

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