Transcript: Media interview of President Duterte at Rizal Hall of Malacañan


This is the full transcript of the media interview with President Rodrigo Duterte at the Rizal Hall of Malacañan Palace on August 1, 2016:

Two urgent matters that I will bring to the attention of the people of the Philippines. One is the lackadaisical attitude of some big business to do away with contractualization. Alam mo I heard Secretary Bello of the Department of Labor saying that he will be fielding more warm bodies, more men to do the inspection because medyo may mga kompanya pa pati korporasyon o whatever would fall under the category of one who has to do away with contractualization.

Alam mo wala akong pera, wala akong tao to really inspect all of the — in the category of a…You know, doing away with contractualization. My message to them is very simple: Do not wait for us to inspect.

I would like to assume that everybody who falls under that category will honor what we are asking for the people. Huwag na ninyo akong hintayin na mahuli ko kayo because I will be unforgiving. You will not only lose your money, you will lose your pants. I will…No tolerance ako dito. Ito ang pangako ko sa tao and I will do it. Hintuan na ninyo ‘yan, bayaran ninyo ang tao sa tamang sweldo; stop contractualization. It will not do good to our country.

Huwag na ninyong mahuli kayo ni Secretary Bello. Kapag nalaman ko, I will just simply close your plant and you would always find a thousand reason to do it, believe me. Don’t tempt the, you know…Eh nakakaawa ‘yung tao, you are creating a very serious dissension in the society. Some are despondence, they are being passed to one expertise to another.

Sabi ko ‘yung TESDA, they spent so much training people for a particular skill. And kung iyang contractualization na ‘yan, he gets one position today, for the next five months — sabi ko nga electricians… When all the wally was trying to be a plumber or a carpenter, you do not help the people with the security of tenure. At itong mga nagsu-supply ng manpower, agencies pati ‘yung mga security — ‘yung mga security guards — alam mo ito sila they work 24 hours ang shift nila, when they only supposed to render eight hours. Alam mo karamihan niyang may-ari ng security agencies most of them are military men.

I would like to tell you now: Magsunod kayo o ika-kansela ko ‘yung permit ninyo. Mamili kayo. Iyong mga security guard 24 hours, kaya natutulog. Kaya hindi naka-deliver ng services doon, outsource human power, eh 24 patrabahuhin mo ‘yung tao.

Alam mo tayong Pilipino, minsan matigas talaga ang ulo natin. Gusto natin is, you know, brasuhin ko kayong lahat. Eh masama iyan sa bayan. Stop it!

Kung ako ba naman kung ikakaligaya ng lahat iyan and it would improve, enhance our economy, wala kayong problema sa akin. But the human being, lalo na security guard, pay all the benefits. Iyong mga outsource, ikaw ‘yung ahensiya, the agency, you take over as the employer, then pay, lahat kayo. Huwag kayong yumaman diyan ng pawis ng kapwa ninyo tao. Kalokohan iyan. If you are — nag-outsource, whatever, airlines, assume therefore as the real employer. So bayaran ninyo lahat. SSS at saka wala iyang paikot-ikot. Huwag ninyong paikutin kasi ang totoo niyan ayaw talaga ninyong magbayad ng…I mean, if you do not take care of the workers, then I cannot take care of you. Eh ano iyan eh quid pro quo, quid pro quo; tit-for-tat. So iyan ang warning ko.

Second is mining, huwag ninyong anuhin si Gina Lopez by publicity. Hindi siya marunong…She is not an incompetent, she is a bright lady. And she is simply a crusader. Kayong mga minahan diyan, pati ‘yang Marcopper, hanggang ngayon hindi pa ninyo nalinis ‘yung dumi ninyo. I will not allow it.

You only give me 40 billion lahat kayo each year, I can do away with the 14. Sarahan ko kayong lahat. You obey or we will survive as a nation without you. Huwag ninyo akong anuhin…You try to castigate Gina Lopez for being strict and yet you destroy the land, destroy the soil. Tapos yayaman kayo diyan. Kung ibang mga oligarchs, papartner-partner na kayong, kung sino-sino ang mga partner ninyong mga foreigners and you get rich at the expense of our native land. Do not do it. I will not allow it. Forty (40) billion, I can forego with the 40 billion I collect from you guys and the Filipinos will survive without you. Either you follow strictly government standards or you close [down].

Lahat ng butas dito ng mga walang lisensiya, I will order the military and the police to close them. Kapag ayaw ninyong sumunod, ipapasok ko kayo doon sa butas, takpan ko kayo kasali. You want to try it, fine. Let’s do it. Eh butas kayo nang butas diyan, landslide nang landslide. Tapos sabihin ninyo mining is a critical component on the Philippine economy, of course it is, it’s income. But you are also making a critical damage. Hindi naman ito nasabi ninyo na…Ewan ko kung nag…Basta anybody violating the minimum wage law, hindi kayo nagbabayad ng tama, you go ahead with the contractualization, I will close you.

Huwag ka nang maghintay ng business permit, I will always find a thousand reason naman to close you. Eh gusto ninyo brasuhin kayo eh. Nakikiusap na nga ‘yung gobyerno na para matulong sa kapwa tao ninyo. Or if I cannot do it, magpunta na ako, mag-resign na ako, maghanap kayo ng ibang Presidente. Of course, si Robredo ‘yan, fine.

Pero kapag sumunod kayo, sabi ko sa inyo, maawa naman kayo sa kapwa tao ninyo. Gobyerno losing? Kailan pa ba kayo nalugi? Yumayaman kayo nang yumayaman araw-araw. Yes, hindi ito klase bakit kayo mag-raise ng hands? Ah yeah, okay.


Q: (inaudible)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hinuhuli mo talaga ako. Gusto mo akong yariin ng komunista ano? Well, anyway, as a President, I cannot, you know, go into an exercise of a polter — ideological poltergeist. I can only — poltergeist. I can only go along, coast along and get the advice of the people whom I have tasked. I cannot run my own errands. I have to do serious work here. I cannot also go there and talk to them. So kung anong ibigay sa akin ‘yan, advice nila with the talks, I will think about it, sleep on it perhaps, and then I will make a decision. At this time, Dureza — I have yet to talk to Dureza and Bello — so I cannot answer you properly. But when the time comes, you will have all the facts that you want. But at this time, I said kind of a…But I will not go into a foul mouth thing here because I am talking for the Republic, in behalf of the Republic.

Pia Ranada (Rappler): May misunderstanding kayo with the CPP, can you just elaborate on —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala kaming misunderstanding. There is a lot…Sila ang nag-uusap hindi ako. Bakit ako ang mag-misunderstand sa kanila? I have not talked to them.

Ms. Ranada: Sir, they called you —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I am not the protagonist there.

Ms. Ranada: Sir, they called you “hasty” for lifting the ceasefire when they were about to declare their own —


Ms. Ranada: They were calling you “hasty”, sir, ‘yung CPP, sir, si Joma Sison called you “hasty.”

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Naniwala ka pala sa kanila. Sino ba ang pinaniniwalaan mo sila o ako?

Ms. Ranada: Hindi, sir, I am just getting your reaction…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, I said, let me be very…I will give you a visual, for all this fighting 43 — 40 years, 45 years — they never even had a control of one barangay for a day. Me? I was elected by about 16 million of our countrymen for whom I am really thankful. Sila? They could not even get to elect a leftist. Talo palagi. Tapos sila ang paniwalaan mo. Bahala ka.

Ms. Ranada: Sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Look, I got a six million margin. Anong margin na ‘pag — ? They hardly could, you know, get people of their kind to be elected. Sa Davao, ako pa ang magdala — BAYAN — and only because I share some of their visions about how a country should help its citizens and to run government.

Celerina Monte (Manila Shimbun): Sir, Celerina Monte from Manila Shimbun. Sir, regarding your warning with these ‘yung companies, businessmen. Are we seeing any possible closure of any companies—


Ms. Monte: How soon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: If you are asking, yes.

Ms. Monte: How soon sir could we see? Para at least para makita talaga, sir — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You point out to me one violating now and I’ll close it.

Ms. Monte: Sir, they are saying that—

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You get to answer, you know, you get the obligation to…

Ms. Monte: Sir, there’s allegation that SM and other mga companies—

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I’m sorry. Whether it’s really SM or lahat. I can even close the entire Republic of the Philippines and we can all go into hunger strike.

Ms. Monte: Sir—

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Lahat tayo. Sabayan ko, akong mauna.

Ms. Monte: Sir, another one. How soon are you going to send the former President Ramos to China for these talks regarding the South China Sea?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I guess the commission, we will be talking about it just good as any other time to do it but it’s scheduled to be taken up by the Cabinet this afternoon.

Joseph Morong (GMA-7): Sir, pa-walk through lang po—

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It will be a long night for us.

Mr. Morong: Sir good afternoon. Pa-walk through lang noong Saturday ‘nung nag-lift kayo ng 7 o’clock and then the CPP is saying, ‘eh we were supposed to declare our own ceasefire at 8.’ What do you think of that kind of statement from the CPP?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi ko papatulan iyan eh. I am not an ideological poltergeist. I am the President talking properly to you to have peace in this land. Bakit man ako — hindi naman ako insecure. Eh syempre, I got 16 million, a margin of 16 million plus. Eh sila hindi nga sila makahawak ng isang barangay, wala naman silang… hardly. But the leftist guys before were elected because of their intellectual competence, not because they belong to the left.

Rocky Ignacio (PTV 4): [inaudible]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: O, kumusta ka? Akala ko ba dito ka nagtrabaho? Hindi kita nakikita.

Ms. Ignacio: Sir, hindi naman ako pwede basta pumasok sa Palasyo, nahaharang ako ng PSG (laughter)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, you know Rocky, I’ve been trying to— I was looking around because I want to make—several occasions — a statement. Wala naman akong mahanap na…

Ms. Ignacio: Sir, hindi po ako allowed pumasok agad unless papapasukin ako ng PSG…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabihin mo kaibigan tayo, maniwala ka naman sa mga PSG (laughter)

Ms. Ignacio: Ayaw nga ako papasukin. Hindi nga ako kasama, cameraman lang.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabihin mo sa PSG na, “Kaibigan ko si Mayor Duterte…”

Ms. Ignacio: Ayaw akong papapasukin talaga, sir. Sir, pero are you confident that under your administration, ‘yung peace will be attained sa CPP/NPA?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I really… I pray to God na it will— gusto ko sa generation ko, with the MI, MN, huwag lang ‘yung mga criminal. Wala kasi akong… I cannot — see, Rocky, a redeeming factor to open my mouth and begin to talk about peace with criminals. Kasi hindi man hihinto ‘yan. Criminality is a — to crave for money, to reach into your hands the dirty way. I cannot do that.

Ms. Ignacio: Pero sir, anong directive mo kay Secretary Dureza para ma-retain or ma-ano yung confidence building, talking peace with —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kaya nga ako nag-declare ng ceasefire eh—

Ms. Ignacio: Pero binawi mo —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ako pa ang namatayan, kami pa ngayon ang kontrabida. I declared a truce, nagbabaan ‘yung mga sundalo galing bukid, tapos inambush. Kami na nga ang namatayan, ‘yung kaibigan ko pa ang…Tumatalsik ‘yung…Tumatalsik ‘yung laway, gusto ko mag-payong — lumalabas sa television eh.

Ms. Ignacio: Pero sir, tuloy pa rin yung peace talks sa August 20 to 27?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Look, I cannot stop talking about peace. I am a President who is supposed to bring peace to his land. Whether it’s really Sison or not, whether I’d like to talk to Sison or not, it’s not important, it’s not relevant at all. The issue is, the left, not only Sison, but that includes Sison, the left, the entire leftist community or bloc dito sa atin. We cannot agree on all of these things. Merong right, left, center.

Me, at this time, Rocky, I just believe that I have to look for that peace for my land during my generation. If I fail, mahirap na, including Mindanao.

Reymund Tinaza (Bombo Radyo): Sir, good afternoon. Reymund Tinaza ng Bombo Radyo. Sir, you mentioned previously during your speeches na “you had walked extra mile just to attain peace”. But now, with this not so acceptable respond of your good faith from the NDF/NPA, are you still willing for another extra mile walk just for peace?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. I dare them. Challenge ko sa kanila: Let us not only talk, mag-marathon tayo.

Mr. Tinaza: Sir, also another national issue. The issue of the constitutional assembly and the constitutional convention. Some sectors, the Senate —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Good. Thank you for the question. If I and the others would insist, that was my first position. Iyon ‘yung akin original. Wala pa akong naging — hindi pa ako naging Presidente. Because I thought that a constitutional convention would be more in keeping with the — a constitutional promise that the people would really believe in, would trust. Wala silang — walang — there’s nothing at the back of their minds.

Ganito ‘yan, ‘nung nag-usap na kami sa National Security Council, we decided to push for constitutional changes pero constituent assembly. Ang sabi ni Diokno, kasama namin, it would take us billions. Wala na akong pera eh. I came midstream. I have so many things to do. I have to maintain ‘yung for peace.

I am now, I would like to announce to you that I am taking in more, about 10,000 soldiers and 5,000 policemen to safeguard the integrity of the country. Nothing to do with the communists, nothing to do with the MI, MN. It’s simply making a strong, given also the external threats that we are now facing. I’m not particularly attributing it to any country. So, that is the… Having said that, masyadong malaki. Now, if it’s a matter of just — I sense a feeling of contempt diyan sa Con-Ass maybe because it’s really not a good thing also to abbreviate ‘yung “ass” because it’s give us a pain in the ass, you know, sometimes

Masyadong magasto and alam mo, ‘yung nagdadaldal diyan na ‘ah, hindi na yan,’ these are the guys who cannot be elected anyhow. And there are these guys na they think they are the only principled and honest persons in this universe. Why would you now begin to doubt the sincerity of a Filipino? O, kung meron mang isa, dalawang magnanakaw diyan, tatlo, apat, you cannot make a sweeping statement na people do not trust these guys to make a good constitution, to craft a new one that would serve this generation because ‘yung iba nga diyan had been elected time and again, dalawang dekada na, tatlong dekada, pati itong kaharap mo.

I’ve been all-in-all 40 years of politics. Who are you to tell me na in the end, honest kayo lang? God. So ‘yung mga senador diyan, repeatedly elected, eh ‘di… In all probability, they are good because they have been elected time and again.

At saka nandiyan ako, ang Executive Department. Nandiyan Defense, nandiyan ‘yung Tourism, whatever you place there, will may be viewed by the Cabinet and if there is anything there that’s really despicable to the Filipino people, I’d simply tell you: Do not do that. Ako mismo dito and you mangle a constitution, you come up, you craft a bullshit constitution, bakit, would I allow it? Would the military would allow it? The police? The civilian? The mayors?

Nandiyan rin ako. So meron na tayong ibang constitution, same wording, same lahat, due process, human rights. Automatic ‘yan sila, Maybe just a thing or two about the economic prosperity of this nation so therefore, you need to reconfigure the distribution sa shares, how many shares would you concede to the — and about the land ownership.

It’s time to revisit the Constitution. It’s time to rethink how we look at things from afar and bring a constitution that would serve the Filipino at this time of his life. Itong generation natin… Eh kita mo hirap ka dyan luhod ka nang luhod eh…Eh bakit ka kasi nakasimangot diyan? Kaya ganun eh. So I’m trying to bring… I do not promise heaven or pure happiness to the Filipino. But I can promise you perhaps, if I succeed, a comfortable life for all.

Tina Mendez (The Philippine Star): Sir —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Iyon lang ang akin, wala na akong, wala ng drama. Iyon lang. O isa, e ‘di dalawa, okay ‘yan.

Ms. Mendez: Sir, Cristina from Philippine Star. I’d like to ask, sir, can you please expound your stand regarding Abu Sayyaf, your statement regarding Abu Sayyaf considering may hostages pa sila rin ngayon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Abu Sayyaf has no redeeming factor. It does not have an ideology unlike the communists and maybe the MI, MN, that they are fighting and revolting against government, the duly-constituted authorities, because they’d want to change or supplant one that they think would be good for the entire community.

Kaya sabi ng mga komunista, ‘bulok yan,’ ‘kayong mga kapitalista,’ lalo na, well of course, and I must admit that you are correct, Mr. Communist, ‘yung graft and corruption. Talagang it has pulled our country down, not only in terms of prosperity but ‘yung talagang productivity. Kasi ayaw ng iba kasi hingi dito, hingi doon. First day palang ng paglagay diyan sa table na ‘yan, umpisa na ang karate. That will not happen during my watch. I will never allow it. Makalusot ka man pero bigyan talaga kita.

Ms. Mendez: Sir, your standing order to the AFP regarding the Abu Sayyaf?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Standing order is to — alam naman nila ang trabaho nila — to protect the integrity of the nation. And, of course, to fight the enemies of the State who would want to challenge us, to bring us down, to pull us down, the duly-constituted authorities.

There was an election, every congressman, mayor, councilor, president were elected in a very orderly way. So by the essence of democracy, ang leader or leaders of the country is chosen by the people. It cannot be an imposed leadership.

Mr. Morong: Sir, would you encourage po ‘yung mga tao na contractuals to complain?


Mr. Morong: Papano, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Diretso na. I think I’m ready with 8888 and 911. Just… Kaya sabi ko, my warning is not to — I’m not trying to scare you. But itong warning ko sa gobyerno: Kapag sinabi ng gobyerno ‘yan, iyan na ‘yan. Huwag mo nang hintaying magkasala ka.

You just obey para walang gulo. Kaya ‘yan kapag sinarhan kita, huwag kang magpunta sa akin dito at you — mainsulto pa kita. Mainsulto ako, gagawa ka nang masama, pupunta ka sa akin, insultuhin mo ako ng mga tear-jerking stories about wala ng kapital, pakialam ko sayo. Sinabi ko sa inyo sumunod kayo.

Now, it would mean a reduction of your corporate profits, fine. Share it with the people. Tutal matagal naman itong contractualization. If you think that you’d lose, then close shop. Isarahan mo at mag-farming ka nalang. I need a lot of farming endeavors back there in Mindanao. Tinutoo rin talaga ninyo hanggang alas-diyes tayo ‘no? Diyan ako bilib sa inyo eh.

So we have about five more hours to go (laughter). Sige, sige, sige. I’m just joking actually. You guys can take your time.

Q: (inaudible)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi lang ‘yan, the other is Gutierrez ‘yung sa Dubai. Iyong papasok ng eroplano dito na walang bayad-bayad. They are the oligarchs of the modern kind. Iyan ‘yan sila. You sell your country to the dogs. Kaya ako galit, one of the reasons why I ran is because government itself was not — hindi ngayon — was oppressing the people.

Kaya rin one of the compelling reasons na nag-udyok sa akin kasi ‘yan nga. You’re throwing your country to the dogs. Why would you allow black sand mining? Whatever is really the purpose to this generation, leave it there. Our children will better… Well, they’re in a better position to determine how they would use it in the future. Yes? Nandiyan si Gina Lopez. Sabi ko si Gina Lopez has my full support. So stop this nonsense of discrediting her because I won’t believe you a bit. Yes?

Q: (inaudible)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, no, no. I have to fix the Malacan — Mindanao issue. Tingnan ko ‘yung framework — I have to travel to Cotabato to talk again to hurry up. And I travel to Jolo to talk to Nur. Sabi ko sa mga military pati police, you might want to consider just for a day makalabas lang sila. Papaalamin kita, alam ko gusto kang sumama eh.

Q: (inaudible)


Q: (inaudible)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’m talking to Sison, he’s a fugitive. And the fact na he violated the ano tapos sumibat, so hindi na umuwi. Nur Misuari also, they are waging rebellions, okay. It is ideology-driven. So ang redeeming factor diyan is you rebel because you want a better setup or a better life for the people. Kaya nga ang punishment ng rebellion, mababa. Walang death penalty, I think it’s prision correccional to prision mayor. It’s about… The longest is 12 years and if ‘yung mag-ano ka pa…

But all of these guys will have my… I’ll consider an amnesty kung magkausap tayo at we can agree to a peaceful co-existence. I will accommodate them.

Q: (inaudible)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Now on that day wala siguro, I’ll just give them a safe conduct pass because ‘pag hindi ko nakausap, how do we fix these things? You gave a better way of doing it? Tell me. Paano ako hindi ko makusap si… So what good would it do, sinong puntahan ko ‘nung Abu Sayyaf?

Q: (inaudible)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabihin mo kay judiciary, ‘sabi ni Mayor Duterte’ huwag kang maingay. (laughter)

Q: (inaudible)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I just have about a day or two. Kausapin ko lang sabihin ko, ‘Nur, once the talk starts, I’ll give everybody a safe conduct pass.’ Alam mo, I’d like to make it public, not to flatter Misuari or anybody. You take in custody kay Nur tapos may nangyari ‘yan dito sa custody ng government, ng sundalo o pulis, forget about talking about peace in Mindanao.

So with the rebels the other side, you take custody. Hulihin mo ‘yan sila Murad, si Jaafar, tapos may nangyari ‘yan while in custody, sabihin ko sa inyo, my advice: Sabi ko sa military pati police, you will just have to navigate the way as it is been done, in a process of negotiation. Everywhere. When you talk to the rebels, you have to give them a safe conduct pass or at least a sense of security to face you and talk about what’s bugging the country. Okay? Again, ma’am?

Q: (inaudible)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ako, party list? If I have my way, tapos sila.

Q: (inaudible)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah.. Akala ko partylist. Partylist, I’m not inclined to recreate them in a new constitution. Target date is, I said, I’m going to Mindanao maybe day after tomorrow and start to look into the firming up of the framework and if I have the time, I’ll just fly to Jolo and to Murad again to talk and I’ll just give them the firm commitments.

Ang sabi ko, ”pag meron kayong, adre, at you are really willing to talk with sincerity, then you can begin talking to the government panel’. Nandito lang ako eh, I said I cannot run my own errands, I have to send, somebody has to do it for me.

Q: (inaudible)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The spouses Tiamzon? They will be released. Iyong ceasefire ng kaibigan ko. I will see if I will also be happy to re-install a ceasefire. Maybe Christmas time (laughter). Well, in the spirit of the season.

Q: (inaudible)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nauna na ako, tingnan mo ano ang nangyari. Ako pa ang namatayan diyan tapos ako pa ang sinisisi ngayon.

Q: (inaudible)

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ako naman mag-ambush. Eh inambush nila ‘yung sundalo ko. Well, I’ll see, I’ll see. I’m just joking. But alam mo nakukunsumi na ako sa mga itong mga ‘to kaya dinadaan ko nalang sa pabiro-biro kasi mag-heart attack ako. ‘Pag nagka-heart attack ako, mamatay na ako pagbintangan mo itong mga komunista.

REPORTERS: Thank you, sir. (PNA)


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