Naga City rolls on real property tax collection online service


This is one good news for real propery owners in Naga City. The local government last January 14th opened an online service for payment of real property tax which definitely exempt people from the hazzle of physically going to payment centers just to pay the bill.

The new facility augurs a pioneering endeavor of the Bicol city in partnership with the Development Bank of the Philippines and the Commission on Filipino Overseas (CFO). With the launch of the online payment system, even those working or based outside the country can also avail of the service.

Property tax owners are encouraged to sign up at, to avail of the facility. The service also offers information about owner’s property such as general real estate information, assessments, arrears, and other relevant data.

Naga City is also partnering with CFO in the implementation of the Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) in Bicol as the online service is being pilot tested in CFO’s BaLinkBayan website.

We were not able to test the site, us having no property in the city, we can not comment on the claim regarding privacy and security in using the payment system. The website is very straight forward the first viewable page do not say much only that “Real property owners in the City of Naga can now access information about their properties online.”

The downside noticed about the site? The URL shows in number ( instead of the web address (or domain name) in letters or words, which could be user friendly at a glance and instill confidence from a new visitor.


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