Bomb threat hoax stings Albay police


LEGAZPI CITY — It was the second incident this year. A bomb threat circulated by text message on Sunday kept the Albay police force on their toes.

The message specifically said that “Our attack sa Nov. 9-11, 2016, nagpakalat na kami ng bomba sa mga malls ng Legazpi at Daraga. Pasasabogin naming ang Rizal Park at Ibalon Central School. Be ready Albay, be ready for our attack.”

(Our attack will be on Nov. 9-11. We have distributed bombs in malls in Legazpi and Daraga. We will bomb Rizal Park and Ibalon Central School.)

Naturally, the local police force were placed on alert on Monday for fear that the bomb threat could threaten malls, parks and schools in the province.

Albay PNP went to the extent of referring and validating the threat with other police and military intelligence units across the region.

To begin with, the bomb scare was circulated by local media reporters who allegedly received the text message from a cell phone number identified as 09263435575.

The police even dialed the number and verified it was ringing and unanswered.

Since the phone was active, they could have triangulated the location of the phone unit. Well, the police have no capability or resource to do that?

The last time the same bomb hoax surfaced happened earlier in September in the city.


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  1. That is why it is necessary that all users/buyers of Sim cards being sold by telcos should be recorded. It is best to maintain a database of users for easy reference. It should have been done long ago.

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