Watch the 63rd annual Miss Universe pageant trailer

Watch 63rd annual Miss Universe pageant trailer.

Sharing and watch here the 63rd annual Miss Universe pageant trailer.

The tenure of reigning Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler of Venezuela was over extended beyond one year.

According to the official bio on the pageant's site: Mary Jean Lastimosa is a beauty queen with an unwavering passion for charity and public service. Born in a war-torn province with political insurgencies, she learned the values of courage and became determined to excel in academics. Her surroundings did not stop her from pursuing her passion for dancing, music and performance arts. This also inspired her to work under the city government to work on education and child welfare projects. She took on the challenging course of Computer Engineering with the help of three scholarships and graduated with flying colors. Faith brought her to a different path and led her to be a successful entrepreneur and a beauty queen.Photo credit Miss Universe.

Logically, the 63rd Miss Universe pageant will crown the new (sic) “Miss Universe 2014” but the finals night will happen only on January 25th this year. Then, the winner will be Miss Universe 2015?

Anyway, the popular international beauty contest unfolds in the City of Doral in Florida, USA.

The Miss Universe preliminary competition will unfold in Doral on January 21st but viewers in the Philippines may not see the event on TV.

If available, will stream the live event here, which should be Thursday, at 8:00AM Manila time.. Keep tight watch on this post for update.

By the way, the (5 feet 9 inches tall) 27 year old Ms Philippine’s Mary Jean Lastimosa of North Cotabato, has been making waves in the contest. She is one among the early favorites! Is she the one?


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