The Season of Flowers is Fading

Legazpi city: Summer has long been gone here. It starts just when the school year ends in March. So students connect summer to days without the regular classes, homeworks and tests.

No tensions, more of fun, outings (to the beach and movies?) and also malling (now a favorite past time hereabout). It is also the season when flowers burst in bloom. And when school opens in June, summer becomes a distant past. It also signifies that rain is a common occurence here and now, and more.

And when rain comes not in trickles but in downpour this side of the Pacific, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator (Epoch 2010), the flowers start to wilt and wither. My sister just can’t get enough of the beautiful flowers in her small patch of front yard, elevated and overlooking yet the majestic Mt. Mayon.

The only consolation is that she can have digital memories of her efforts, now and the past years, well saved on her computer and some shared with friends on social network sites.

Indeed, the beauty of the unwilted petals glistens almost life-like, but no smell and fragrance, whatsoever, incomparable to the fresh and living plant.

Maybe she has to invest on a canopy to at least prolong the blooms and protect the plants from the pelting rain and wind, more so that the region now enters the remaining months of the typhoon season.

This post of flowers/orchids still form part of our celebration, having passed the 100 post-mark and reached our goal of one year in blogging.


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