IRANIAN Caspian AIRLINE’s McDonnell Douglas MD83 overshoots runway LANDS ON STREET

Caspian Airline's MD83 lands on public street
An Iran commercial airliner with 135 passengers plus crew onboard overshot a runway as it landed Monday in the southwestern city of Bandar-e Mahshahr, continuing through the airport areas before coming to full stop on a public street.

A tragic accident was thankfully averted when an Iranian airliner missed the runway and landed on the adjacent public street. No injury was reported.

A McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Caspian Airlines (Iranian jetliner) almost crash during landing when its pilot narrowly missed the runway and instead overshot up to the highway on Monday.

A news media correspondent, Bahman Kalbasi, posted series of tweets about the incident:

The airline had more than 135 passengers and crew aboard the cabin when it attempted to land in the city of Bandar-e Mahshahr passing the airport range and finally coming to a stop on a thoroughfare.

Iran state television assesed not one passenger or crew was hurt or injured.

Early report says “the pilot landed the aircraft too late’ and this caused the plane to totally miss the runway.

It was the European Swissair which first used the MD-80 series when it entered into service on October 10, 1980 by Swissair.


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