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Typhoon Nina left behind trolls to pick issue on yellow bags for Naga relief goods

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First Published         29 Dec , 2016      2:33 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

Back to normal. Vendors are back at the Plaza Quezon, after typhoon Nina.

Divided. This is the single, apt word to describe how the chasm of political discombobulation has infected the Filipino psyche. Fueled more by paid trolls who make sure to get small minute details and pick on it if only to stir non-productive discussion.

While the many areas in the Bicol region agonize in the hapless misfortune of disaster that has come into our lives this time of year, the outsiders are doing nothing but pick on the ongoing relief and rehabilitation efforts.

For when some of the initial relief goods were repacked in thin, yellow plastic bags, the trolls were up in questioning why the color? Because that was the only plastic bags available. Stores were closed.

It would seem, typhoon Nina left behind trolls to pick issue on yellow bags for Naga relief goods.

This prompted Naga City LGU to issue this statement:

The last thing we need in typhoon-ravaged areas here in Bicol are politically-charged comments from kababayans. We don’t need your insensitive comments for they cannot feed hungry stomachs or rebuild houses. Over the years, we have been resilient battling storm after storm. We build again by helping each other, relying on the strength of every member of the community. To every troll, we ask you not to make a living on our tragedy. We will rise up again as we have always done.

But of course, President Duterte visited Virac and Pili in a breeze. As usual, like he was holding a hot potato.

So what’s going on in Bicol now?

Globe Telco sets up public service station at the Plaza Rizal from 9AM to 5PM for free charging of mobile phones and free calls for 5 mins per person. The public service lasts for five days.

Vice President Leni Robredo while still in the USA is in constant contact with her office staff and key persons running the operations. She has set up her house in Naga City as one of the center.

Vice President Leni Robredo on her personal facebook account said:

2 days after Typhoon Nina’s onslaught, Naga is almost back on its feet.
This is what we pride ourselves with. We thrive in inspiration not in hate. We are good not only because we have good public officials but because we have good people who have decided to make themselves better. We have invested to make our institutions strong and it is this strength that sustains us in the face of the many adversities.

And still, we can do more to help:

By the way, trolls can start asking why vendor stands are painted yellow.

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First Published         29 Dec , 2016      2:33 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)