More Signs of Unrest Observed Within Mayon

Resident volcanologists declared on Monday Mayon volcano continues its ash explosions which are more becoming stronger despite the evacuees eagerness to return to their homes within the danger zones. They are being misled by the restive mountain’s seemingly lull in activity as compared to the previous days. Closely watched is the continuous flow of lava slowly rolling down the gullies. In immediate danger are the lush vegetations being wiped out, nay, scorched by the molten lava as it finds its level.

In what appeared to be smoke emanating from the flowing lava, we opined on our post on Cbanga360 on Facebook, was somewhat short of detail. Some of the acrid smoke actually was coming out from the fissure or vent on the slope of the mountain.

Even if the volcanic activity has indeed decreased, volcanologists assured, it should be construed otherwise as explosions have become stronger in comparison to the earlier occurences. On the early hour of Monday alone, the volume of volcanic debris was estimated to have accumulated 24.1 million cubic meters already even as the flow of the steaming lava continues downslope. Ash emission full of sulfur dioxide now reaches to 4,329 tons from a low of 2,304 tons on previous eruptions. Explosions were visible and happens every thirty minutes. About forty-four Mayon earthquakes were felt.

Seen from afar, the lava looks like a red glowing, smoking, flowing river of molten rocks cascading down the mountain. From its (crater) origin the excursion of downflow had already reached almost six kilometers already. On this phase, much affected are the towns of Daraga, Sto. Domingo and the city of Legazpi.

On emergencies like this, some side stories and people tend to grab attention and add burden to the maintenance of order and discipline. Two international tourists and their local guides were spotted within the perimeters of the permanent danger zone. They were riding an all-terrain vehicle. I was about to expose my educated guess here after finding photos taken by a team of foreign photo-video journalists and they flaunted on their website having gone beyond the allowed limit and ventured into the no man’s land.

As a result of this break in security the military task force assigned in the area opined frustration and disgust for instead of their focus on the evacuation and security of the people affected, their time and efforts were also wasted. (Check out a rejoinder post on cbanga360 on facebook for more on this which link is also available on the Fanbox on the right column).

This is my post for This is My World. Many thanks to Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy, Louise & Sylvia, for hosting this wonderful meme: My World – Tuesday.


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