ARSON not global warming cause of AUSTRALIAN BUSHFIRE

Bushfires wrecking havoc in Australia.
Australian bushfire wrecking havoc into the residents, animals, wildlife, environment and business, happening now.

Now it can be shared. The cause of the massive bushfire in Australia was not due to the global warming as constantly, incessantly harped by climate change alarmists.

Dispatches clarify that twenty-four Australians in the state of New South Wales alone have been arrested as early as November. They face the charge of intentionally setting bushfires even as a record number of forest fires continue to blaze across the continent.

It was learned that more suspected arsonists are to be rounded up for questioning in the days up ahead.

The local police works non-stop to find and catch the parties concerned who have the handy work to the crime.

As the forest smoke continue to engulf wide areas, some 24 persons have been formally charged with arson, with the number of suspects now up to 183 in the country.

Australia penalizes the crime of starting a bushfire intentionally, and which ultimately results in its widespread, with a prison term that could max to 21 years.

Arrests for causing bushfires conducted accross the states and areas of Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and the island of Tasmania has topped to 183 already.

The full extent of the damage brought about by the bushfires is yet to be determined.

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