Exposing The Other Side of Siruma

Quite admirable the move of new Siruma town mayor Sandy Ondis on bringing the local government unit and the town it represents unto the digital focus of the online world. Very recently, Bangrawsiruma.com joined the many sites available on the internet.

BOUNTY: The ocean's fresh produce and bounty.

Mayor Ondis proceeds with an invite: “I invite you all to explore and be familiarized with our town Siruma through this website. Visit and know more about Siruma, our culture, our resources, the vibrant white sand beaches and most specially our local government plans, programs, projects and other local implementation.”

Setting up a site for the LGU will ultimately enhance transparency of governance.

Although we have to wait for some time before its pages get populated with the desired information, news and features, which locals and enthusiasts may find worth the visit.

A different TLD
While we are used to checking out PH LGU sites with the TLD of dot gov (.gov) Siruma’s is of the dot com genre. O, well, perhaps there’s a story behind the preference.

The white sandy beaches of Siruma waiting and enticing.

White beaches
Indeed, the town boasts of white sand beaches almost equal to that of Caramoan’s. (The islands and beaches of Caramoan are becoming more popular to local and international tourists, many thanks to the “scripted” reality show “Survivor” series by different European countries which had location shoots in the area.) But wait, the beaches of Siruma languishes for attention and development. Camarines Sur has invested, time and resources for Caramoan’s development and Siruma is waiting.

This is a common attitude among us Pinoys. We start late in appreciating homegrown products, places and talents but catches up easily once outsiders (foreigners) put forward their endearment and recognition. Example here are Boracay island, Charice Pempengco- thanks to Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey, and CNN hero of the year and pushcart educator Efren Peñaflorida, to name a few.

We are also waiting for the completion of the port of Tandoc. It might serve well the needs of Naga city and its environs in the years to come.

There should be more we can talk of the good things about Siruma but we will leave this to our readers and the inquisitive to discover for themselves. Maybe, visiting the town is a good idea. Siruma has more to offer than meet the eyes.

But for one who was born in the town and left the place in infancy, I used to dream of coming back, even for a whirlwind visit. After all, Siruma is one of my three hometowns! The first time I came “home” I was with the Commission on Population team that visited the poblacion. It was a quick trip from Sabang (Calabanga) via a motorized “trawler” boat. The second visit was a short stay at my cousins and grandparents’ property in Vito.

You see, Siruma is in the heart. Always.(https://cbanga360.net)

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  1. Hi,

    I’m planning to take the Bicol Express train to Naga City and proceed to Siruma after instead of visiting Caramoan (which I have explored at least twice before). Would appreciate it if you can give me details on the best way to get to the town and if there are places to stay and places to visit. I’m interested in exploring the town, taking photos and talking with townsfolk. I also do not mind staying in homestays.


  2. Hey, I’m interested to know who ur folks are from vito. I live there and i might participate in the fiesta celebs come feb. i bookmarked this site for ease and facility. id been looking for this news for ages. thks. well appreciated.

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