CBSUA Masteral Students Clean-up Beach

A special report by Mariane A. Ramos.

Teachers in classrooms, community models outside, busy cleaning the trash out of the beach.

Masteral students enrolled at the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture-Calabanga rolled their sleeves for a day of community service.

Mostly teachers from the state schools in the municipality, they went out to the nearby shoreline for a beach clean-up. All are pursuing masteral studies but met together in the environmental governance class for the first semester of 2010-2011.

As these teachers were currently immersed in environmental science subject their excursion out of the classroom and into the open beach shows their support and concern for a clean environment.

Their shout out was “Help keep this beach clean” boldly printed on a placard now standing solitary by the beach.

It was a clear example of supporting the progress of the community even through  it was the simple act of beach clean-up.  But their concerted action was actually a huge example for others to follow.

Seen at the clean-up drive were mentors Helen Ramos, Ms. Shalima, Ms. Noime, Mr. Danilo Campil, Mr. Encinares, and many more.

Saro pa, ang mga maestra na satong naging pangduwang magurang sa eskwelahan, sato man sinda na saluduhan sa paggiging sarong modelo kan satung banwaan. . . Dakulang pasasalamat man sa mga maestrang nag taong tabang sa nagkaaging aktibidad.

Mga Ma’am, Sir, Saludo kami saindo!!..

Besides, we consider our teachers as second parents at school.  We also salute them for being models of the community.  A big thank you to all the mentors who participated in the activity.

Some of the participants gather and pose for posterity.

Editor’s additional Notes:
It must have been a satisfying and self fulfilling experience for the many teachers that joined the beach clean up party. A way of giving back what is due to Mother Earth although the effort may not be enough to do a major work that needs finance and support from the right sector.

Whatever you do,don't throw plastics and non biodegradable trash on waterways and the beach.

Marianne missed to note that the teachers found a lot of garbage which should have been recycled and put away in proper trash disposal process.  But maybe, beach visitors were just unmindful of the harm and hazard (non biodegradable) trash will do to the precarious environment and the sea.

Beach clean up in some western countries are being done on a regular and on-going basis.  Students and community organizations join hands for the project completion.

But look!  Other than the garbage, sand and sea waves, they also had a good glimpse of the mighty Isarog.

Mount Isarog occupies the eastern border of Calabanga.

Added facts: The municipal territory of Calabanga has eleven barangays bordering 29.0 kilometers of San Miguel bay shoreline.

In 1998 the first ever search  for the Best Coastal Management Programs was conducted from October 1997 to September 1998. Seventeen coastal municipalities around the Philippines were nominated and Calabanga was included in the shortlisted nominees.

Also nominated were Bicol towns of Pasacao (Cam Sur), Prieto Diaz (Sorsogon) and Tabaco (Albay).

Calabanga and Pasacao emerged winners in the category “not externally assisted.”  Cbanga360(dot)Net will make a separate post on this in future issues.

All photographs here by Marianne A. Ramos.


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