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La Porteria Starts Parish Visit

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First Published         12 Aug , 2010      9:20 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

On Tuesday, the village of San Pablo was host to the roving image of the Our Lady of La Porteria, the patron saint of the parish in Calabanga with the same name. The event ushers the beginning of visits, too, on all the villages the parish serves. It also signals the town fiesta is just around the bend.

The occasion was highlighted with a procession in the neighborhood culminated by a Catholic mass at the chapel jointly administered with barangay San Francisco.

Religious and volunteer parishioners attend to the chapel’s upkeep and beautification during the period.

The new image of Our Lady of the Gates is a replica of the original that stays in the parish church.

There’s a tale told by our grandmother about a supposed “miracle” attributed to the Virgin Mary here in Calabanga. During one of those tempestuous days long, long ago, the Lady of la Porteria was said to have saved the areas by the bayside from an impending giant water surge. The Lady was said to have waved Her hand in a gesture like pushing the oncoming water far back from where it came to the relief of the residents.



First Published         12 Aug , 2010      9:20 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


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