Business boom in Pili, what about the hazardous waste


Business boom in Pili, but what about the hazardous waste products?

The pronouncements of Pili mayor Alexis San Luis on the arrival of new business ventures relocating to the provincial capital of Camarines Sur should be a source of envy to local chief executives of other municipalities.

Pili is in the midst of a “frenzy” of business activity boom which could rebound into employment venues of its residents.

The San Miguel Corporation has put up a (chicken) dressing plant which comes hand in hand with contract growing open for entrepreneurs in Barangay Curry. The plant employs 300 personnel. But while it is a welcome investment, contract growing favors heavily the company rather than the small time business owner which shoulders the dirty job.

Investment is in the upbeat mood with the opening of a Toyota car dealership in town. Not too far behind is Honda’s now in the works. In the near future, Caleb Motors, which handles Mitsubishi car dealership, has eyes for Pili as the site.

But while these new ventures and those that may relocate later are producing environmental and hazardous waste products and residues that come with commercial and industrial activities, is the local government unit ready yet?


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