Let A Thousand Bikes Vroooom

Yes, let a thousand bikes bloom, nay, vroooom (the unmuffled sound they generate when ignition key is on), on streets and even on roads less traveled by.

When bank and store credit was eased even to low income singles and families, the first option was to get one motor bike for ease in mobility.

A very affordable monthly, some weekly, financing plan enticed one too many in our region; an effective sales drive that spread like wildfire not only in urban centers but also in suburban areas.

Add to that the prospect of more savings on daily gas expense, and there should be no second thoughts but walk into the bike store and grab one.

So that when we went to shop at the SM City branch in Naga, one of the many malls that mushroomed this side of Bicol, we saw these colorful bikes of different brands and make occupying much of the wide park lot of the establishment.

This is my post for This is My World. Many thanks to Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy, Louise and Sylvia for hosting this wonderful meme: My World – Tuesday.


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  1. Pretty soon we’ll be like Vietnam or Taiwan where bike rules! It is an affordable means of transpo except that there are also twice as much accidents that happen. Nice post! Was planning sana a trip to Naga (Caramoan) for Holyweek but Gota Beach is closed again for the Survivor series so perhaps next year. šŸ™‚

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of bikes. Wonder if you rode in on one of the beauties. At first I thought it was a lineup for a race. Interesting post.

  3. Reminds me very much of Malaysia – lots of affordable bikes there too. A good way to get around and not get stuck in traffic.

  4. That IS a whole LOT of bikes! I hope they don’t all take off at once! They are colorful are bunched up together…

  5. Been to SM City Naga Branch last July 2009, it was my first time to visit the place. That was the first thing that I noticed when we arrived.Cool colors of the motor bikes.

    Thanks for visiting and for appreciating us..your followers.

    Maray na aldaw.

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