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Bicol Akrho Celebrates Anniversary

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First Published         11 Aug , 2010      8:07 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

The Alpha Kappa Rho (akrho) chapters in Albay celebrate in a parade about the main streets of Legazpi city. No, not walking on the avenues but occupying the rooftop of vehicles, majority were local passenger jeepneys rented for the occasion that formed like a caravan. Others were on motorcycles.

Some fraternity and sorority members wear their signature black shirts emblazoned with the organization’s name.

The Akrho marked their 37th this 8th of August, another milestone year added to the international, humanitarian service oriented fraternity and sorority.

But while it is fitting to celebrate an anniversary this much important for the members, their lack of practice and regard for safety brings out loud, blaring but noiseless message not to people or bystanders watching them pass by but to the members themselves. They are missing something here.

Since the motorcade participants are in their teens, it falls upon the parents the main responsibility of ensuring their sons and daughters safety, first and foremost.

Local police authorities should be tasked, to instill and enforce road discipline at all times. In rural and countryside areas where road mishaps are a common occurrence, the observance of safe road practices and adherence to it is the best safety net. Turning our line of sight to the other side and letting go of instances like this is asking for trouble. You can never mend a broken life.

First Published         11 Aug , 2010      8:07 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


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  7. maru says:

    that’s plain stupid. it’s an anniversary so members need to celebrate.i believe the caravan did not do 120mph drive. dont be a killjoy. long live AKP.

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