Glenda aftermath: Coco farmers to suffer economic hardship


LEGAZPI CITY — Coconut farmers are projected to suffer from economic hardship due to loss of income until next year or even up to 2016 as the consequence of Typhoon Glenda.

Philippine Coconut Authority-Albay senior agriculturist Alvin Trespeces said agency records estimated the total loss in terms of farmers’ income up to December stands at Php300 million.

He said all farmers tending almost 99,000 hectares of coconut farms in the province have been affected and experienced great impact on their lives which could last until 2015 to 2016.

The PCA-Albay, in its initial report on July 30, said 1,728,030 bearing coconut trees had been slightly damaged, meaning the trees have disarranged and dropped leaves, and these are expected to recover within three months.

There were 3,009,161 moderately damaged coconut trees with wasted or broken fronds, matured nuts have fallen. These trees may take about six months to recover and 10 percent of the harvest nuts for the year would be lost.

Heavily damaged reached up to 4,359,830 coconut trees or those with broken branches and twisted/ broken fronds, at least 50 percent of immature nuts have fallen. These trees may take about two to three years to recover in production.

The typhoon also left 66,269 coconut trees totally damaged and have no chance of recovery because of broken or cracked fronds and that 100 percent of the nut production will be lost permanently.


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