When a push become a shove into identifying and funding government projects, what matters most?

2013_0903_roadstodomingoWhen a push become a shove into identifying and funding government projects, what matters most?

Before the onset of the official campaign period of the midterm elections, the second engineering district office of the Department of Public Works and Highways in Camarines Sur started a road project in Calabanga.

A sign posted on the side street identified the project as cluster-preventive maintenance asphalt overlay along the Naga-Calabanga-Balongay road (intermittent sections K0453-000-K054-047), specifically along the road portion in barangay Sto.Domingo.

Asphalting was started on the 2nd of February 2013 with a target completion of 53 work days.

But what was interesting was that the road getting preventive asphalt overlay was still serviceable, good, and many opined it may not need an overlay at that time.

In contrast, many parts in the inner and very rural upland areas of the municipality of Calabanga are road projects half-finished, now forgotten, but reflected as completed in the books. Take for instance the tupsy turvy road in barangay Binanuaanan Pequeno.

But what made the project look interesting was that the asphalt overlay passes through The Village @ San Bernadino, the Agri-Tourism Resort Complex owned & managed by LRV Agri-Science Farm, Inc. LRV stands for the initials of Luis R. Villafuerte, Sr., ex-congressman of the 3rd district who graduated from a 3-term stint in the 15th Congress.

So, when a push turn into a shove in identifying and funding government projects, what matters most? It makes one to look for the answer to: What is paramount to an elective official, the personal interest or that of the constituents? Our answer is as good as yours.

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