List: 53 Bicol towns with FY2014 earning range from P50-M and P99.9-M

List: 53 median Bicol towns annual regular income for FY2014 range between P50M and P99-M.

For fiscal year ending December 2014, of the 107 Bicol towns, 53 reported an annual regular income between P99.9-million and P50.04-million.

The first six local government units which may soon breach the P100-M mark include the tourist destination town of Caramoan (CamSur), Uson (Masbate), Irosin (sorsogon), Baao (CamSur), Mercedes (CamNorte) and Claveria (Masbate).

Come, explore the enticing islands and beaches in Caramoan of Camarines Sur. H/T to facebook photo by Eva Paa.

Annual regular income consists of locally sourced revenue together with Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) for the year and other shares from the national tax collection.

Locally sourced revenue includes real property tax, tax on business, other taxes, regulatory fees, service/user charges, and receipts from economic enterprises.

RankMunicipalityProvince Annual Regular Income
35CARAMOANCamsur 99,981,124.50
36USONMasbate 99,684,424.79
37IROSINSorsogon 99,190,771.83
38BAAOCamsur 98,088,762.92
39MERCEDESCamNorte 95,881,063.28
40CLAVERIAMasbate 95,444,683.33
41DONSOLSorsogon 93,275,357.26
42BASUDCamNorte 90,617,294.93
43MINALABACCamsur 89,890,843.02
44SANTA ELENACamNorte 89,220,287.74
45MATNOGSorsogon 88,998,605.69
46MALILIPOTAlbay 88,771,049.17
47MANDAONMasbate 88,442,421.60
48TIGAONCamsur 85,854,316.51
49PIO DURANAlbay 85,459,333.89
50CAPALONGACamNorte 84,551,858.52
51VINZONSCamNorte 84,534,123.54
52BATOCamsur 83,786,576.11
53BALUDMasbate 83,091,986.04
54OCAMPOCamsur 82,361,537.65
55MALINAOAlbay 81,414,219.59
56SAN ANDRESCatanduanes 79,711,822.70
57MAGALLANESSorsogon 79,439,492.11
58CARAMORANCatanduanes 77,594,326.29
59LUPICamsur 76,683,133.50
60MOBOMasbate 74,356,405.00
61JUBANSorsogon 73,537,661.83
62BALENOMasbate 72,390,258.14
63MANITOAlbay 71,676,750.71
64SAN JOSECamsur 71,268,592.45
65SAGNAYCamsur 71,041,085.68
66SANTO DOMINGOAlbay 69,213,574.26
67PALANASMasbate 67,150,717.55
68CASIGURANSorsogon 67,101,072.13
69DEL GALLEGOCamsur 67,094,867.30
70SAN FERNANDOCamsur 65,489,516.46
71MILAORCamsur 64,614,881.95
72SAN JACINTOMasbate 64,511,149.07
73CANAMANCamsur 63,013,909.12
74MONREALMasbate 61,340,161.80
75VIGACatanduanes 59,648,432.20
76BULUSANSorsogon 57,722,671.19
77PRESENTACIONCamsur 55,903,609.29
78PIO V. CORPUZMasbate 55,189,485.45
79PANDANCatanduanes 54,421,299.92
80TALISAYCamNorte 53,466,619.51
81MAGARAOCamsur 53,246,591.63
82SIRUMACamsur 52,302,184.77
83DIMASALANGMasbate 51,756,244.07
84SAN FERNANDOMasbate 51,731,726.11
85BARCELONASorsogon 50,263,616.16
86BATOCatanduanes 50,183,589.90
87JOVELLARAlbay 50,048,585.27


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